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Claiming the Throne: Book III

Christine Weimer

“A woman is no shrinking violet. An unbashful garden of speakable things, heart-shaped leaves on sleeves; she is remembrance. An everlasting reel of the never-forgottens while the storm blows over…”

Claiming the Throne is the final installment of Christine Weimer’s three-part poetic series, closing out the journey with a collection of her most audacious work yet. Outspoken with wit and irony, this selection of poetry and prose showcases the deconstruction of a woman’s feminine perspective as she pens her awakenings and talks back against the limits of conformity.

The narratives provoke you to own your point of view and express yourself with unapologetic assertion, liberate yourself from the confines of that which does not serve you, and embrace your intuitive integrity.

Claiming the Throne: Book III
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