30 Poetry Prompts for National Poetry Month

April 1st marks the start of National Poetry Month and we’re calling all lovers of rhyme, writers of metaphors, influencers of imagery and illusion (and alliteration).

We’ve got poetry prompts for you to inspire fresh writing, new ideas, and the commemoration of all things poetic form. Break through your writer's block, explore new devices, and let’s take our poetry to the next level–together!

All month long, we’ll be celebrating your work on our Instagram stories and feed, hoping to connect aspiring poets to each other through your writing.

Be sure to use the hashtag #galaxywriters and tag @ourgalaxypublishing in your posts so we can read and share them. Scroll through the hashtag and follow our page to support other poets’ works. We’ll be doing the same on Facebook as well.

Let’s make this a month of amplification, collective writing, and free expression that helps you expand as a creator.

Here are the prompts:

  1. spinning in fields of daisies

  2. there’s a hole in my narrative

  3. silence is a screaming match

  4. maybe just this once

  5. petals of poetry’s past

  6. the day never breaks

  7. monkey mind or mania

  8. as per my last email

  9. I didn’t ask you to see me

  10. burying my clarity in caution

  11. I don’t remember asking

  12. counting clocks

  13. and the irony is

  14. my metaphors are muddled

  15. galaxies of ghosts

  16. I take back what I said

  17. seamstresses of storms

  18. if hope had feathers

  19. there are no fine ladies here

  20. surfacing from secrets

  21. my voice is a lighthouse

  22. I pushed fear down the stairs

  23. breakdown to breakthrough

  24. my pen is not a weapon

  25. postpone the reckoning

  26. shattered illusions

  27. a detached observer

  28. if there is no next time

  29. comparison kills

  30. what the ground taught me

It is our goal to inspire more women to write and share their work, amplifying their voices collectively, so we can’t wait to read what you come up with and to showcase your pieces.

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Thanks for writing with us.

Until next time, writer friends,


Christine Weimer is a writer, publisher, and award-winning author from Queens, New York who co-founded Our Galaxy Publishing as the Editor-in-Chief to amplify women's voices in publishing. Her first poetry collection, Tainted Lionheart, won the Gold Medal Poetry Award for Readers’ Favorite 2021. She is currently writing the final installment of her poetic series and working on her MA in English while honing all the guts and glory of motherhood. Visit her personal blog here: amindfulwriter.com