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Updated: Aug 28

There's No Space for Injustice in Our Galaxy

When Lindsay and I started Our Galaxy’s platform, we knew that we wanted to use our voices to inflict positive change for the community of women we were able to reach. We were confident in our mission to speak our minds on the things that were important to us in hopes of encouraging others to find the desire to do the same. We were secure in knowing that as long as we were remaining true to our beliefs and went forth with Our Galaxy Publishing in a way that was inclusive and collective, that we would give grace to the platform we were so passionate about starting.

We had a plan; the topics we wanted to cover and the people we wanted to reach and the timeline of how it was all to be laid out. But recent circumstances have taught us that our world does not have time for us to make schedules and map out plans of how we can help change the world. Our world needs immediate action, open conversation, and fervent yearning for revolutionary differences in its most prompting form. And Our Galaxy Publishing is ready to pursue its direct duty in having a part in that.

Our Galaxy is fully prepared to react to the shift in our society in an instantaneous and constructive way that allows for both informative communication and beneficial resources to the women whose voices have been silenced for generations and whose stories are still being buried under piles of inhumanity.

Chief concerns such as minimal to no reproductive health care, job discrimination, sexual violence, human trafficking, and inferior educational opportunity for women have always been ardently important topics for Our Galaxy to openly discuss and act on.

So, Our Galaxy is launching a new and fundamental vow with an initiative called Astros for Advocacy. We believe that with open minds, dedication, and Our Galaxy’s community support, we can begin to develop a chance for growth through this platform.

Here is what we plan to do:

1. Donate Funds

Our Galaxy Publishing has just launched a new line of merch with designs we created to help express our solidarity. You can view these here. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of those designs/apparel to a cause that is relevant to the topic we plan to speak out on.

2. Start Conversation & Provide Resource

Sometimes talking about the things we do not understand, or the things that make us uncomfortable, are primary ways for us to begin to see things in a shifted perspective that may benefit us in our journey to unity for humanity. Our Galaxy Publishing will be sure to make efforts to begin the conversation as it is needed. Whether it be with blog threads, discussion boards, or social media posts, we want to get thoughts stirring and mind-opening and communication are how we plan to make that happen on our end.

As mentioned, we hope that Our Galaxy Publishing’s existing community will assist us in creating the change we hope to see using our platform. Though donating through the purchase of the designs from our shop is the most direct way you can be a part of the change, we know that there are other ways for all of us to get involved in a more active, conscious way. Check out our links/blogs, share them with your community of friends/family. Let’s see how far we can reach during a time when reaching the most is all we can hope to do.

We have to start somewhere, and we are grateful we get to do it together.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

Read more about Girls for Gender Equity, an organization advocating for change for girls and young women of color, through our blog here.

Shop our merch here. A portion of the proceeds from the selected designs will be donated to different causes advocating for women and girls.

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