Chasing Our Stars

Updated: Aug 28

Why 'Our Galaxy'

To say Our Galaxy’s concept hit us like a ton of bricks would actually be an overstatement. In retrospect, bricks have been chucked at us one-by-one for years now. Taunting us, waiting for us to get the clue. The signs were always there. Flashback to sitting in Christine’s driveway during late summer nights of 2017. We’d fluster over a mutual lack of fulfillment despite having both landed in careers we hadn’t planned for ourselves, but that we knew would sustain the security we needed to lead normal lives with a chance for growth. We were living independently and rockin’ the whole “adulting” thing pretty well on paper. Christine had gone back to school to finish her BA working from home, and Lindsay was climbing new and bigger ladders in her field. Yet we see now how most of our conversation was still centered around the ideals of creating something more than what we had- something for us.

We became friends in the year 1999. Having made our way through pre-pubescence to adult years together, there is not a chapter of our lives since the age of nine where the other is not a main character in. We went from making up dances to Mariah Carey songs, to fighting our way through the pressures of being a teenaged woman, and on to contemplating whether or not we should open up 401Ks and get our eyes checked for the first time in five years. Throw in heartbreaks, and loss, and the discovery of self-love, and we start to think we never really lived before we knew each other. We’d like to believe the first brick for Our Galaxy’s foundation was thrown right around the time of our friendship’s beginning- the first spark that we’d end up constructing our universe from.

Fast-forward to our late 20s (we are still not sure which time warp we got sucked into to make that happen), and the tides finally started changing in the ocean of complacency we were trying to stay afloat in. We were both getting a little sick and tired of letting the fear of diving in stop us from feeling self-satisfaction. Gears were turning in our minds, and bricks were crashing down into our waters to a point where we had a big choice to make- to build, or to sink. That’s when we decided to fish 20 years of bricks out of the water and get to work.

In 2019 we were celebrating our 20-year friendiversary. Christine had just graduated and was ready to weigh the options of what to do with her poetry manuscript. She feared that working with most mainstream publishers would take away the control of her work that she wanted, and its personal journey to readers. She wracked her brain with every resource available to her until she realized she knew enough to create a platform for the book on her own. So, she did what she always does. She sat in her driveway and poured her heart out to Lindsay. It went a little something like this:

Christine: I want to create a space for women to publish their work and connect with each other. But I can’t do it without you.

Lindsay: Let’s do it, dude. This is exactly what we’ve been hankering for. My logistics. Your linguistics. We can do this.

Christine: Okay! Great. What do we call it?

Lindsay: How about Our Galaxy?

Christine: *mind explodes* YES!

And that, my friends, is how babies are made. It’s that simple!

In reality, it wasn’t quite that simple. We knew if we were going to take this leap and finally put all those bricks to good use, that we needed a clear direction. Though we will both admit that every second spent on growing Our Galaxy has been the most awakening experience of our lives, it also came with late nights and deep thoughts into how we could make this work for the women we wanted it to be for. The women who fear doing something big for themselves. Women who doubt their voice has a place in the world. Women whose stories have been swept under the rug because of its lacking appeal. Women who just want a place they can tune into for inspiration, and to feel understood.

Our Galaxy Publishing instantly became about much more than publishing books, but about switching the narrative. It became about showing women that what they have to say matters more than they realize. We thought we hit our peak the moment we were best friends turned business partners, but once we began using the platform to connect to other women, we realized this was so much bigger than two ladies on a mission for themselves. This was about making sure as many women as possible discovered their own missions as well.

The biggest desire we have is to allow artists of all mediums to remain in control of their creative expression. Though we have a job to do in providing direction as publishers, our goal is to be sure that women feel as though they’re not working under us- but with us. In sharing our lives together, we know how important collaborative thought and creation is, so we want to instill that into how we drive our mission forward. Artists and creators should do with their work what they see most fitting. We just want to provide a safe space, a vessel for them to do that in- and give them the confidence to do it.

Our Galaxy went from an experimental project to a real-life movement with every milestone we’ve hit. The outpouring gratitude we have for the opportunity to connect with so many women with a wide range of stories to tell is one we can’t fully express in words. We have worked with women who have said they learned things about themselves through our connection that they never realized they needed to know. Women who have told us that we are “the reader of people.” Women who have thanked us for giving them the validation they never thought they’d get. It’s what’s made us see we have built something that needed to be taken to the next level.

So here we are! Officially launching Our Galaxy knowing that this is just the beginning. If you ask Lindsay, she will say she sees the next five years leading us to an office space of our own (outside of Christine’s dining room table- though we’ll miss those late-night driveway meetings), with employees, and a team of women working on this mission with us. And as for Christine, she will say she just hopes enough women will have found a home at Our Galaxy to develop generational change with our words. She sees non-profit organizations and active resources for women created through this platform.

But above all, we can finally say that we are losing sleep over the most rewarding work we’ve ever done. We go to bed knowing there is more for ourselves. We wake up knowing that in spite of being two average women from Queens, New York, that we are doing something extraordinary. We are creating our own space. Chasing our stars, one connection at a time. Every woman we meet is a new spark to shine a light on this platform. We found our place among the stars, and we hope to take as many women as we can with us.

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