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The Road to Light and Faith Designs

It never seizes to amaze me how much we can accomplish when we believe in our capabilities. A little bit of faith in ourselves goes a long way, and it’s important to remember that in moments we may get down on ourselves. We can all turn our daydreams into our day jobs with enough determination and conviction that we can. The creative outlets that we explore while younger can be great tools to helping us figure out where we will be inspired to go in our lives- we just have to be willing to stick with them.

Andrea Scavetto is a jewelry designer and owner of Light and Faith Design living in North Carolina whose passion for art began at an early age. Scavetto says that her grandparents lived on various parts of the west coast when she was growing up, and as artists themselves, always found a way to be sure they were encouraging artistic endeavors for her.

“At first they’d send me marker sets, colored pencils, paintbrushes and watercolors,” Andrea says, and soon she had “branched out to everything from hand-blown glass work to silver-smithing.” She told me that her grandparents would travel to display their own art and shows and events and she found empowerment and inspiration in their artistic lifestyle. She enjoyed attending handmade art shows, and it was then, at 11 years old, that she began working with jewelry design.

“I started with simple glass beads . Over the years I have grown from friendship bracelets to working with premium gemstones and doing my own fine metal work with everything from Sterling Silver, Copper 14k-Gold-Fill and Rose Gold,” she says. That passion carried with her until her adult years, when she says one day she began to genuinely believe in her talents.

Andrea says at that point she did some soul-searching, asking herself what it was she wanted with her own life versus what she had actually created for herself. Despite having always been creative and having been making jewelry for friends and family for years, she felt as though she had a calling to share her creations with others. Then, in early 2019, Andrea started her own business, Light and Faith Designs. The name is rooted in the way her work makes her feel, and Andrea told me, “My work is my peace and truly a light in my life.”

She honestly admits that the biggest challenging in beginning this venture was actually getting started and making the decision to take the leap into entrepreneurship. From there, she says she’s blessed that her support system has been overwhelmingly encouraging and have been coming to her shows, sharing her social media posts, and even allowing her to bounce ideas off of them.

“Having true friendships that are based on sharing, genuine support and love make every difference in the world. People who are the encouragers and the do-er’s themselves,” Andrea says regarding the people in her life. But its not just her close family and friends who are on the bandwagon of Light and Faith Designs. She says her Etsy shop has hit many milestones since she began this business and that the feedback has been nothing but joyously overwhelming. Andrea told me that, to date, Light and Faith Designs has shipped to 26 states and three continents.

Working on custom orders is one of her favorite ways to express her creativity as well. She said there is something so fulfilling about seeing their positive reactions when she is able to bring their ideas to life through her jewelry. She has had many priding moments of knowing that she’s made personal connections with the customers who appreciate her work and it has helped her success immensely.

I asked Andrea a bit about her creative space, and she told me she has a jewelry sketch book that she uses whenever an idea strikes. She loves to brainstorm different color combinations, textures, and metal finishes, and has a home studio where she is able to work. Having a space dedicated to the outlet has given her the ability to immerse herself in her work.

“I often create with fun music, my favorite candle burning and my dog Gracie at my feet,” she says.

I love that Andrea’s materials come from all over the world. She says her gemstones are found from vendors in the Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and through to other gemstone small-business sellers on Etsy. She even works with overseas sellers who cut and drill stones specifically for her, giving her work an added touch of uniqueness. Having an interest in geology, as well as a liking to things that sparkle, Andrea says its important for her to select the stones that she feels speak to her in some way. They all have their own origin and meaning, and she considers that whenever she is on the look-out.

Her favorite stone is Labradorite. She works with that often and finds it to be an irresistible item for her clientele. However, most of what she makes is one of a kind since she buys unique stones. Plus, she tries not to make the same piece twice for the sake of encouraging her own creativity. And she hopes to carry that on into her future.

Andrea is in the process of creating an inventory large enough to be able to approach specialty shops in hopes of them stocking her jewelry. She is also working on the launch of her own website, so she can sell her items through there as well as the vendor events she often attends. Her goal is to do this fulltime and aspires to be able to travel all across the country to do larger events and see her creations in shops all over.

I am not only a fan of Andrea’s beautiful jewelry creations, but also of her positive mindset. She told me that if she could give advice to another woman looking to start a business, it’d be to start now.

“Devote an hour a day to yourself and your daydream. Whatever it may be. Start small or take the deep plunge. All that matters is that you start.”

For Andrea, creating jewelry has been an amazing outlet for her, but it is not just about the jewelry, but the desire to build a foundation for growth and progress in one’s life through that creativity. When she is not making jewelry, Andrea is also a lover of the outdoors who enjoys horseback riding, hiking, birdwatching, and catching butterflies for study.

I look forward to seeing where this endeavor takes Andrea, and am proud to support a fellow creator who is working diligently to promote her own dreams. Check out more about Light and Faith Designs through Instagram here and Facebook here. Shop Andrea’s Etsy page here. Support small business. Support women in business.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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