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Combining Marketing & Mindset for Entrepreneurial Growth

One’s personal emotional state attracts and communicates specific vibrations to other people. Our energy and beliefs that are put out into the universe are received by those we wish to connect with. I have lived a great portion of my adult life believing in the power of those vibrations, and how important it is to be aware of them. I let my intuition lead me, and though I can speak on instances where it did not work to favor my growth, most times it has led me on the path to great developmental relationships and experiences.

My meeting Tawney Allen, Californian mother, and entrepreneur, is a prime example of how beneficial trusting that insight could be. Every part of me that wanted to bloom in business and in femininity rang internally the moment I connected with Tawney. I knew almost instantly that what she held within her own personal vibrations was nothing short of light of inspiration. Her honest mentality and sense of security in her process to grow are contagious- and astute.

Tawney is a Mindset Coach as well as the CEO of Tealwing Marketing, a social media marketing/management company that adds a unique narrative to the world of entrepreneurship. Before the business was founded in 2017, Tawney was working as a social media manager, obtaining various levels of professional and personal training in the process. When she saw just how financially draining marketing could be for her clients, she sought a new approach. She created what she calls Niche Target Marketing, a process she believes is allowing business owners to grow their social media platforms without having to invest an unimaginable amount of money.

Incorporating her Mindset Coaching, Tawney says she works closely with business owners to spiritually drive them towards the path of success. She helps her clients experience a sense of alignment in finding power and peace within themselves. Tawney believes that these practices have made a huge impact on the success of her business and wants to be able to give that to those that she coaches.

Though Tawney always knew that she desired a life where she could utilize her leadership and intelligence to become an entrepreneur, she did not know social media marketing would be where her power was used. She says that her hope is to be a catalyst for someone to rethink what they thought was true. I respect Tawney so much for her openness to express the difficult childhood that she had. Both of her parents struggled with addiction and she faced a great deal of trauma that put her in a negative mindset at a young age. She says it was hard to let go of the destructive thoughts she used to believe were the only means of thinking. But in making the commitment to shift her thoughts, Tawney says she saw a dramatic change in her life.

“Question your own thoughts and feelings. Bring forth a different quality of life. Anything is possible,” Tawney said about the idea of changing your mindset to move forth with a life of freedom and happiness. It has been no easy road, but it is clear it has been a rewarding one for Tawney since pursuing her aspirations full force.

Freedom is what she says has been her greatest personal reward. Tawney actively creates and designs her life every day- the way she wants it to be. Her biggest motivation is to be a walking example that anything is possible. Connecting people back to themselves and inspiring them to heal is what keeps her inspired to build.

But she does still struggle with her own challenge act of balancing the things most important to her. She admits to sometimes feeling like she must pick and choose between being a bad-ass mom and a successful business owner. Choosing to overwork only takes her away from Hazoul, her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter- which Tawney works to find a stable equilibrium for. From what I see, she makes it look like a cakewalk!

Tawney and I connected over the phone regarding Our Galaxy and the journey of finding my way through its start-up while also being a mother. Though it was a business consultation, there was never a point where I felt I was trying to be sold on a package or made to buy into her programs. In fact, she merely wanted to know about me and who I was as an entrepreneur and woman. She was quick to insert her insight in a way that did not overstep boundaries but sparked lights within me with each of the values she expressed she upholds. Working with her was instantly placed on my dream board, but more so, I was grateful for the human bond made through the pure desire to drive inspiration into others.

She is a woman you want to support, and watch grow and be a part of that expansion. Plus, she’s got big plans for Tealwing Marketing that I have no doubt someone with her sense of awareness could activate for herself. She hopes that one day she could turn Tealwing into a franchise. It would give other women like her a chance to become a businesswoman and live the life they always wanted.

I asked Tawney what advice she had for other women and mothers who want to make their mark in business. Her response was one that I loved so much:

“Allow yourself to be who you really are rather than what you think you have to be as a mother and business owner. Create it as you go. Make it up, Play. There are no rules, no right way. Work on yourself more than you work on your business or 'trying' to be a better mom. Heal your stuff. Grow. And when you do that everything around you follows. You can’t be a badass mom and a millionaire businesswoman when you think you are a p.o.s.”

Tawney said she hopes to make it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. I am here for all of that. If there were a nomination process, I’d be one of the very first clicks for a vote. I encourage anyone who is interested in incorporating their spiritual alignment with their business growth to reach out to Tawney Allen. Head over to her website here to find out more about her and Tealwing Marketing. Follow her on social media (Facebook & Instagram) for some especially useful tips, information, and inspiration.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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