Five Favorite Females to Follow

Five Women on Instagram You Should Follow

There are over one billion people on Instagram. Talk about a big community! It is the land of selfies and catchy captions and pictures of our favorite meals galore. But Instagram is also a place where groups of people are able to build a connection. Creators of all mediums come together on the platform to share their work and develop a community with likeminded people. Though we all know social media, in many ways, to be an epicenter of drama- there is so much good that comes out of the ability to connect on a digital platform.

I, for one, have found some incredibly insightful accounts through Instagram. There are women on this platform whose pages I follow consistently, genuinely loving and appreciating the content they put out into the world. There are accounts that I depend on, whether it be for information or insight or just to feel good when I’m there. Accounts made by badass women who are using their talents and skills to project that badassery onto their audience.

Despite this being a tough one to narrow down, I have compiled a list of my Five Favorite Females on Instagram. From illustrations to wicca to inspirational writing, these are accounts we can all benefit from following, and reign in their positivity with them.

1. @thecrimsonkiss

Cici.B is the epitome of a woman who tells it like it is. She is an author who uses her journeys through self-love and heartbreak to inspire her audience to be honest with themselves and know their worth. And she’s got plenty of content to go around. With 10 published books on various topics of her growth, Cici.B is committed to owning her truth, as she says, and wants other women to do it too.

Her page is loaded with motivational content that smacks you in the face with all the truth tea you need. Her words are often raw and vulnerable, but also punches hard with its honesty. She puts on no façade- what you see is what you get- and she’s got no apologies about being real with herself and her audience. And it works. Cici.B’s work is constantly being shared through the platform by women who want to remind themselves of their worth and their capabilities.

Follow her account here @thecrimsonkiss

2. @samthecosmicwitch

I’ve been following Samantha for quite some time, finding her energy to be full of light with a welcoming aura the moment you scroll through her page or watch her Instagram story updates. With some recent branding changes made to her page, Samantha is taking her account to the next level to provide women with every witchy necessity they could intrigue themselves with in a very fluid way. I’ve always been fascinated with astrology and magick, so I instantly found her page to be insightful.

I adore the theme of her page, the prominent purple/pink hues are so aesthetic and warm. She posts simple spells, tarot spreads, quotes to help get us through the moon phases with understanding, and much more. Plus, I love that her brand is geared towards women, and helping them bring out all the magic she believes we have within us. She’s even got a monthly subscription box called Cosmic Babes that helps incorporate astrology and magic to your everyday life.

Follow her account here @samthecosmicwitch

3. @asjaboros

Asja is running the epitome of an aesthetically positive page. The moment you click on it you are consumed with bursts of colors and unique, inviting, feminine images that are all feel-good material. Asja is a wildly talented illustrator who uses her skill to send positive messages and affirmations to her audience through what she calls a visual diary. Plus, she has a whole shop of merch available with her artwork; pillows, prints, phone cases, and beyond. Her zodiac series happens to be my favorite.

Asja is actually a new find for me, having stumbled on her page accidentally and was instantly blown away. On top of her beautiful and empowering images, she sometimes posts longer captions about her life and journey which I enjoy. It is always good to see the human behind the artist, as it connects us to their work on a deeper level. And guys, check out her Songbook series on her website. Wow! People give her song recommendations and she creates a painting based on her interpretation of the song and holy cow the results are dope. It is definitely #goals to have her illustrate for Our Galaxy one day.

You can follow her account here @asjaboros

4. @thugunicorn

I was surprised to see that this account only had 100K followers. Now, I know that’s a big audience and it is rightfully deserved, but I was surprised she didn’t have quadruple of the following. The content is just that good. With a tagline in her bio that says, “FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD & FILL IT LIKE AN UNAPOLOGETIC MUTHA FUCKA.” how can you not already love her? This is an account run by Tanya Markul, author of the poetry/prose collections The She Book 1&2. But the page is loaded with motivational quotes and writings that will remind you just how amazing you are. However, to me, it’s more than that.

The content really makes you think, and puts certain aspects of your life into a perspective you hadn’t discovered on your own. She goes deep and gets raw with her words in a way that is so easy to connect with and opens your mind to new levels of acceptance and self-love. You can go to her page on the daily and use her words to feel inspired and understand your own vulnerabilities. I can honestly say I’ve grown from her perceptions and look for her content. If you follow me, you’ll see me share her work often because its just so damn important.

You can follow her account here @thugunicorn

5. @naturalmagics

So, this list is not compiled in any type of order, though I will say I purposely chose this one last because if someone asked my who my favorite account on social media belonged to it would be a no-brainer. If I’m raising my whiskey for the baddest bitch in the building, it’s for Jennifer of @naturalmagics. This woman is so smart, I just can’t even take it. I have been following her for a few years and have watched her evolve not just as an artist but also as an insanely smart alchemist. I watch her lives often, and honestly, I’m enamored by her when she speaks.

Hanging on every word, I learn so much from her insight on psychological behaviors and understanding our own individual human experiences. It is so friggin’ empowering and educational. She is knowledgeable in tarot and astrology and offers readings as well. Her aura gives off this sensitive yet non-conformist and analytical vibe that makes you want to draw in to so many points of the universe you really never thought you’d make sense of. She makes me feel smarter, enlightened, and she’s so real! I am amazed by how well informed she is and how cultivated her thought process is. She blows my mind, but I feel like a virtual student of hers.

Plus, her crystal work is just beautiful, and her pieces are definitely unique. And not to mention, the woman is a total goddess babe! One of these days I’m getting me a reading from her.

You can follow her account here @naturalmagics

To be real, I could have probably doubled this list if I really wanted to, and am proud to say that, because it just goes to show how many ladies are out there trying to spread their message to inflict the positive growth we need. I appreciate seeing dope women do dope things and have a genuine desire to help other women follow that lead. It’s inspiring, and it helps me know that there is a place for all of our voices. Together, when we’re heard, great things can happen.

Let me know if you already follow or began following any of these pages after reading this. It would be awesome to see these ladies motivate you all like they motivate me! And if any of these women read this, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT! Truly. Each of your pages have helped me grow in my own journey in some way.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

*PLEASE NOTE: The images use in this thread ARE NOT MINE. They belong to the content creators discussed. So, PLEASE, if you’re going to share the content, credit the artist! They work so hard to create the work that they do, and they deserve the recognition.

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