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Encouraging Women to Talk About It

Anyone who considers themselves a writer knows that rejection is a regular part of the job. When looking to publish work for most mainstream media outlets, writers end up getting used to knowing that many times their pieces will be denied for publication. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a losing game. It’s just about discovering the right avenues and being confident in your voice enough to continue to put yourself out there.

Discovering Nikki Frias’s platform Girl Tell Me was one of those moments that validated the importance of this concept. Born in the DMV area and currently living in Brooklyn, New York, Nikki is a comedian and writer who created her platform for women to develop a portfolio of writing while also encouraging female empowerment and comedy though real-life storytelling.

Nikki says her site came to fruition after she realized there lacked places for writers- especially women- to represent their work. She took a chance on herself and her vision once she came to terms with knowing that not everyone was going to take a chance on her. Now she’s doing the same for others like her.

Let me just say, Nikki has dope friggin’ energy. She’s got a real and raw attitude about her that has revolutionized into this platform where women can talk about the things that many conventional outlets would not want to pick up for publishing. For Nikki and the women she connects with at Girl Tell Me, it’s not about trends. What she’s doing is talking about real sh*t with real women who have valid stories to tell. Plus, she adds a natural element of comedy to everything she does that you cannot help but want more of. She mentioned that she wants to be the one “yes” in a world full of “no’s” for the writers she has created this virtual channel for.

Nikki’s goal is for women to write what they feel good about and gain a sense of empowerment through both publishing and using their creative expression. And it’s working! I’ve been watching Girl Tell Me grow for some time now, and I can attest to how quickly the platform is expanding and developing every day.

It’s because of the authentic, no sugar-coated-formalities vibe that she has set out for the space. Nikki admits that it has been quite a challenge to develop a media company on her own. Wearing all the hats for a business that could potentially hire people by the dozens for top functionality has not come easy. But it’s clear that the work she’s putting in has deemed well-worthy for her and the women who have shared their stories with her.

In the next five years, Nikki says she believes Girl Tell Me will still be an inspirational media company; except with employees, a thriving online shop, and classes offered in the realm of the craft. I have full faith in that as well. Though Nikki is learning more every day, through creating Girl Tell Me’s platform she believes now more than ever that anything she wants is attainable with both “consistency and attitude.”

“I used to think my dreams had to given to me from people I found to be unreachable; not realizing I could create it the entire time,” Nikki says about how Girl Tell Me has changed her. When I had asked her about some of her hobbies and interests, Nikki comedically noted, “storytelling, overthinking, and manifesting.” If that’s the case for manifestation, then Nikki is another example of proof that determination and belief in your path can take you as far as you have the conviction it will go.

I asked Nikki why she writes, and the answer that she gave me is one of my favorite responses I’ve gotten from any creator I have asked. She said, “I write because it’s immortal; a lasting necessary mark on society.” Well, talk about poetic! But it’s also such a true perception. As writers, it’s so beneficial for us to take the time just to appreciate the fact that we have this passion to create what we do. The words we put out there have the potential to reach heights even after we expire. We do have the ability to create change through our words, or at least be able to resonate with our audiences enough to create a lasting connection.

Girl Tell Me is doing all of that and more. I am grateful to have gotten to know Nikki through being a fan of what she is doing and look forward to writing with her myself in the future. She’s a woman who took the desires she had for her life and found a way to make it happen. The most important part is that she designed a platform that revolves around the idea of paying it forward. Girl Tell Me is not the Nikki Frias Show. Nikki Frias is the vessel for all the females out there who have something to say.

I resonate with Nikki most of all because her vision for Girl Tell Me matches the ideals of Our Galaxy Publishing in a most honest way. We’re all out here just trying to increase the opportunity for other women and improve ourselves by being honest and confident in our voices. That’s the type of dream I want to support. It’s collective. It’s grander than just self. It is another opening for feminine reign in the world of writing. I am all about the power of storytelling, and Nikki is building her platform to promote that.

Never stop creating,” Nikki says, “Try different avenues and explore. Have fun with it and try not to take anything too serious.” Take her advice. She could not be more right. Explore and try new things and never stop having fun with it.

If you’re looking for a starting point, reach out to Nikki at Girl Tell Me. If you’re looking for a new avenue, look no further than her outlet. Or, if you’re just looking to read real-life stories and writings from women who have important and valid things to say, head over to Girl Tell Me- it’s packed with content for you. Click here for more.

But most of all, support a woman who is out here supporting women. This is what we need; for more platforms like hers to take the spotlight. Her Instagram @girltellme_dotcom is also full of relatable content that as both a writer and a woman, you’ll look forward to seeing daily.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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