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Spreading Cheer to Amazing Little Strong Warriors

Harriet Tubman once said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Well, Tamika Bullock is a woman who is taking that statement and running with it as she ventures into entrepreneurship with a selfless twist. As the creator of ALSW, Ms. Bullock is helping Amazing Little Strong Warriors from all over the country with her gift-giving non-profit organization.

Working as a Childcare Provider in Maryland as her main profession for almost 20 years, Bullock sought a new way to bring fulfillment into her life after she was diagnosed with Gastroparesis- a chronic illness that affects the stomach. She began purchasing gifts and collecting donations to create care-packages for those who need a glimmer of love and sunshine in their life. Gift packages are made to spread a “message of hope and commiseration,” according to her site, and she believes that “a single action can make a difference.” Since beginning her outreach, the ALSW Organization has been providing gift baskets, cards, and other care packages to children, teens, and even some adults who suffer chronic and terminal illness as well as various disabilities.

Bullock says the movement of ALSW transmitted into fruition rather quickly. Though she goes into her own pocket to keep the gifts flowing, she says she is blessed to have many donors as well. According to her, ALSW has frequent adherents who assist the cause often, naming Tabitha and Kelly as two of many people whose consistent donations have helped keep the organization thriving. Just this past Christmas, Bullock’s organization was able to send over 300 cards to children and elderly people hospitalized during the holiday season.

But ALSW is not just sending cards, as their packages will include a wide range of toys, books, crafts, and apparel- depending on the purpose of the gift. Companies like Five Below, Sock Smith and Ark Therapeutic have participated in this fun pay-it-forward generosity. Whether it be for holidays, back-to-school assistance, rewarding accomplishments, or just to bring cheer to someone’s life, ALSW wants to “promote great opportunities for those in need.”

Tamika Bullock says that she “wants to be a ray of sunshine during someone else’s storm.” When asked what ALSW has done for her, she said plainly, “ALSW has transmuted my life. It makes me blissful. It perpetuates me.” Even on days when the effects of her illness are more strenuous on her body, she says she still works hard for the greater good. “Physically contacting the children, making them smile,” are the most rewarding parts of embarking on this journey.

Graciously, Bullock and her organization have been recognized by the Governor of Maryland four times for the work she has done within, and outside, her community. And she’s got big plans for the future for these amazing, little, vigorous warriors. Bullock notes that she has a current goal of reaching 200,000 children from all over the country.

“Our vision for the next few years is absolutely colossal,” says Tamika Bullock, who also plans to open up a location in her community so that she can turn this venture into an even bigger one. After talking with her and getting to know a bit more about what she does day-to-day, there is full faith that she is the perfect woman for the job.

“Pain is authentic but so is hope,” Bullock says, and there is no greater intent than trying to spread that message. There is much excitement for what she is going to do next.

If you’d like to find out more about Tamika Bullock and the ALSW Organization, please visit her website. She is always accepting donations with great appreciation, so if you’re looking to help emanate positivity, reach out to her and join her community.

Please check out Tamika's website here and find out more about what you can do to join her movement.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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