National Poetry Month

Updated: Apr 10

Our Galaxy's First Writing Prompt Challenge

April is National Poetry Month. Thanks to the American Academy of Poets, poetry has been celebrated in the month of April since 1996. Now, we know this particular April is a bit different than the others because of the state of our world. But we want to make sure you are staying inspired, and inspiring others, during these uncertain times.

So, Our Galaxy Publishing will be celebrating poetry all month long by giving you the chance to dig deep into your feminine power and create some verses. We want to read your work, give it a spotlight, and build a community through your words. We created a prompt for you to base your work off of, so that all of our pieces are in theme to one another.

Drumroll please…

“I am a woman who knows…”

We are so excited to see what you will do with this prompt. You can take it anywhere your mind allows, and if you’d like to write multiple pieces as the month goes on- do it! This is about exploring your innermost thoughts through creative expression. We have no rules. Just make sure you tag @OurGalaxyCo in your post and use the hashtag #IAmAWomanWhoKnows so that we don’t miss it.

And hey, if you’re not much into poetry but still would like to participate, please do! Use the prompt for flash fiction, prose/essays, or even artwork! Whatever medium you use as a creative outlet, we want you to take this prompt and do what you want with it.

All month long, Our Galaxy will be sharing and reposting pieces from this prompt. At the end of the month, we will choose our favorite piece. We’ve got a little surprise in store for the winner.

We hope you use the prompt and share it with other creative females in your life. We are in hopes that if we get enough entries, we can turn this into an anthology on our blog to display your work.

I already have some ideas up my sleeve for what I plan to do with this prompt, but for now I’ll start us off with a Villanelle poem.

I am a woman who knows

no uncertainty can break me

for I am made of broken things

bullets engorge my back where past lovers shot their rounds

yet I find new ways to carry the baggage I’m left with

since I am a woman who knows

that fractured ribs from those who kicked me while I was down

still hold my body up just the same

for I am made of broken things

needles in my eye where they tried to blind me

but I do not need my sight to see

because I am a woman who knows

shattered hearts still beat within their fragments

and mine has not grown cold in spite of betrayal

for I am made of broken things

cracks in my curves are proof that I have battled

I don’t care if you can’t see that I have won this war

for I am a woman who knows

and I am made of broken things

Happy Writing, ladies!

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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