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Our Galaxy Publishing Announces New Donation Initiative: Dorill X Venus Rising

Updated: Jul 4

Our Galaxy Publishing is driven to provide a space where innovative, dynamic women can amplify their voices and be heard on their terms. We believe in the power of storytelling, in creating a safe space where women can share their truths, trauma, healing, and strength without stigma or shame. Our press aims to break the confines and restrictions upon women’s stories, building a community that embraces the vastness of human experiences.

As part of that commitment, we are passionate about offering a collective publishing experience that impacts social change. We want to bridge the gap between storytelling and advocacy by amplifying marginalized voices, driving social progress, and fostering a more equitable society. We believe the best way to do that is by uplifting and strengthening our young people.

That’s why 100% of the proceeds of our best-selling anthology, Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers is donated to a non-profit organization whose mission is set on empowering young people with the resources and tools to hone their creativity and become an integral part of society’s future.

With that said, we are excited to announce the new organization to which we will be donating our proceeds: Dorill Initiative.

We discovered Dorill Initiative through a local poet, author, creative cultivator, and the Initiative’s Administrative Director, Kaniz Hossain. After being inspired by the work she’s done for the arts community and her advocacy of this organization, we were compelled to learn more and potentially help her reach her personal fundraising goal for Dorill.

Through that discussion, we learned that Dorill is a multidisciplinary organization and diverse community encouraging young people to express themselves through creative mediums including crafting, dance, drama, spoken word, music, media, and more. Their efforts go toward preparing young people for the future, helping them foster a work ethic as professional artists, and teaching them the technical knowledge to advance their skills and turn their art into careers. By the time we got to the way Dorill is encouraging young individuals to use their art to create social change for underrepresented and underprivileged people, especially within their LES community, we knew we wanted to collaborate with Kaniz.

She was also proud to note that Dorill Initiative is passionate about cultivating a work culture that prioritizes support and empowerment. She said the community values the contribution of every member, ensuring decisions are made equitably by involving coordinators and artistic coaches alongside other leadership members. They believe in an environment where professionals come together to work toward growth and unity.

Their Project Doer Campaign intends to deepen their impact, cultivate further advocacy, expand their mission, and strengthen their community. Our donations can help them offer holistic arts education programs to NYC public schools that are in dire need of arts funding after severe DOE budget cuts. We can help them pilot two new programs that will create a space for teens to explore more creative outlets and avenues of productive conversations for their future. Our collective support gives families the chance to visualize art as a pathway to change in their lives.

We hope you’ll join our efforts in assisting this organization’s movement, and in helping Kaniz reach her personal fundraising goal by purchasing a copy of Venus Rising. Every dime we earn will go to their community.

More on Dorill Initiative:

Dorill Initiative is a New York City-based multidisciplinary 501c3 nonprofit organization and collective movement fostering a community that empowers young individuals to share their stories and express themselves through various art forms. Their dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and love guides their proactive approaches to recognizing the unique dreams and limitless potential of young people. Dorill Initiative is committed to nurturing their artistic, academic, and personal growth, supporting youth to have a positive impact on their families and communities.

Founded by Tareake Dorill just five years ago, Dorill Initiative offers a range of programs designed to unleash creativity and inspire change. The Saturday Arts program is an interdisciplinary arts education initiative that encourages young artists to explore their unique perspectives and address meaningful issues through their artistic expressions. The Summer Arts program is a transformative five-week intensive training initiative designed to shape aspiring artists into global influences through the arts and advocacy. Dorill Initiative’s In-School Arts program provides an introductory interdisciplinary curriculum that empowers young artists to become advocates for autonomy and self-expression.

More On Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers:

Our Galaxy Publishing presents a noteworthy, honest recount of lessons and lore from influential women writers breaking barriers and amplifying their voices collectively.

When a Venus woman rises, she is in power to express herself. She is honing her passion, desires, and truth, ever-changing and evolving. A woman rising in Venus controls her narrative, telling stories to communicate her truth, breathing life into the values that unite her with other transcending women. The stories of these women speak to the beauty and pain, the guts and glory, the thriving and striving of all it means to be in this embodiment. Venus Rising is an anthological collection of inspiring women writers who shine a light on their inner verities and lay their wounds bare for us all. Enter their world, see through their eyes, and rise like Goddess Venus herself.

More on Kaniz Hossain:

Khaotic is a Brooklyn-born poet finding her footing in New York City’s creative community.

As a brown woman coming from an immigrant and Muslim family, one of Khaotic’s biggest

goals as an artist has been to cultivate spaces for voices that often feel unheard. Through her

brand and business, House of Khaos, she encourages communities of creatives to find confidence in their craft, and to find kinship in each other.

In February 2022, Khaotic published a limited-edition chapbook, Plucking Petals of Poetry – a

project that came into the world as a teaser to her full-length manuscript, Blooming Beyond the

Boundaries, released in October 2022. When she’s taking a breath from her love of poetry, you

can find her in bookstores with her friends, watering any one of her twelve plants, or enjoying morning walks throughout her favorite parts of the city.

Khaotic’s latest endeavors have brought her into more curatorial spaces. She currently

serves as a host for Restless Open Mic in Astoria, and a virtual host for Voices in Power on

Instagram. With her friend and fellow creative, Ebony Sojourner, Khaotic put together an artist

showcase called Cultured Coffee in a beautiful community garden in the Lower East Side. The

excitement and fulfillment of this challenge have inspired her to cultivate her own intentional safe space, the House of Khaos Writing Workshop + Open Mic, coming to the Brooklyn Art Cave in June 2023.


Our Galaxy Publishing is an educational and service-based platform championing inclusivity and diversity in publishing. We offer a wide range of writing and publishing services and mentorship to ensure creative people make informed decisions to elevate their platforms and publish high-quality, everlasting books and content.

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