Nothing is Unattainable

Breaking the Stigma on Direct Sales

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about working from home the past four years, it’s that if I have the freedom to be my own boss, I must use my time and authority wisely. Working from home is not for everyone, but I designed this lifestyle knowing I was going to prepare to have a child and wanted to be able to raise her full-time without having to give up on the chance of having a career. Some mothers prefer the chance to go out to work. Some have no choice. But there’s also a group of us who wish we “had it in us” to make the lifestyle work, without knowing where to begin or how to remain steadfast on the journey.

So, I reached out to one woman who took an opportunity for an at-home work lifestyle and ran with it. She ran so fast, she is light years away into her dream journey. Noelia Leoncavallo is a Director with Scentsy, a company that “makes enjoying fragrances easy, as well as showing off your individual style,” according to Noelia.

Through Noelia’s success, you will see that nothing is unattainable. She turned a small opportunity into a dream business, and still manages to be a rockin’ mom and wife. She makes it look easy, though we all know that is not always the case. There is often a negative stigma associated with Direct Sales and other at-home jobs, but I think it’s time we break that. It is not about pyramid schemes and immense competition, but purely about resilience and desire to make something of the opportunities given. Noelia has done that with grace.

She joined back in 2013 after her and her husband purchased their first home and realized they were in over their heads. Once financial hardships fell upon her family, Noelia began the search for a job she could do from home. When she heard about the Scentsy Opportunity, she took it and went full-force into it, despite having no idea where it would lead.

Noelia says that her first “ah ha” moment with Scentsy came after just two months of working for the company. She hosted her first party and, after gaining a promotion, realized she had just granted herself the confidence she needed to continue doing this type of work. “I knew I wanted to make this my career when I acquired my first teammate. Seeing those who have worked their Scentsy business successfully gave me the drive that I wanted it too.”

Her favorite part about working from home is being available to her children. Noelia has two boys, 11 and 9-years-old. She says it’s a blessing to be a part of their school’s PTA, knowing that she does not have to call out from “work” for appointments and volunteer days for the kids. “My time is mine and I get to use it how I see fit,” is how Noelia describes it.

Noelia does pay tribute to the company she works for as attribution for how she has stood on the journey for so long. “I’m blessed to work for a company that wants us to succeed. We all started with the amazing Starter Kit for $99. Depending on a person’s ability, drive and goals will determine how far they go.” And she made sure that saying was true for her. She works her business around her family’s schedule and just like most jobs, she is open during normal business hours.

She says her favorite part about working for Scentsy is the connections she’s made with both the people in the business and those who became customers and friends. But, this lifestyle does not come without its obstacles. When I asked her about the hardest part of being her own boss, she said, “the hardest part of working from home, for me, is time management. I can seriously keep working my Scentsy business all day long, but that’s not possible. I still have to take care of our home, cook meals, do laundry and all that fun stuff. So, to keep me in check, I set an alarm for around 3pm with ‘Business Closed’ as a reminder that now it’s time to put my mom hat on and spend quality time with my kids, because that’s time I won’t get back.”

That’s why Noelia found a way to spend time with her children while still running her business and giving back. Together, her and the boys have worked on fundraisers together, using Scentsy to benefit causes they are passionate about.

Noelia’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own business is to find, or create, a company that has amazing core values and offers a product or service you’re passionate about. She says, “say yes to an opportunity and figure it out later.” She started this journey with a desire for change for herself and stability for her family, and came out a Director of sales with 10 team members now in her frontline that she is blessed to mentor.

But of everything Noelia mentions regarding the work-from-home lifestyle, one thing she spoke on that stuck with me is that sometimes as mothers and wives, we tend to forget who we are in the midst of it all. She says, “I became Noelia when I took my business as a Scentsy Consultant seriously. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to lose your identity. You just have to reintroduce yourself to yourself.”

As a busy mother, wife, and Scentsy Director, Noelia says one thing she does for herself that she is committed to, is working out. She says she wakes up every day at 5:15am, drinks her pre-workout, pops on her headphones, and heads to the garage for a workout on her mind and her body. “It’s been the best form of therapy for me, plus I’m down thirty pounds to date! Woohoo!”

Though she is a native Brooklynite, Noelia currently lives in the cute, rural town of Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. She love animals and says where she lives now fills that part of her soul.

If you’d like to follow Noelia’s journey, or find more about the Scentsy experience, you can reach her through the social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and her Scentsy Website.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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