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Pondering Necessary Author Qualities with Heather Carter

On the second episode of Pondering Prose: An Author Interview Series, host April Stults talks with author Heather Carter about the qualities necessary to stick with your creative craft.

As Heather says in her interview: “With writing, you have to learn to be forgiving with yourself, you’ve got to learn to be patient with yourself and remember that you’re always growing as a writer.”

Watch the full episode on YouTube or listen on Spotify now.

About Heather Carter

From the Author:

Hi! I am a fiction author who writes primarily adult fantasy and fantasy romance. My novel, Of Songs and Saltwater, a loose, gender-swapped retelling of The Little Mermaid was released in June of 2021, and I have been featured in multiple anthologies since. I have written several other novels that are in her publishing pipeline. (Look for those soon!)

I call the St. Louis area home and live with my husband, two children, and one extremely spoiled cat. (What writer doesn’t?) When I’m not writing, I love to read fantasy novels, make music, and drink way too much coffee.

Read Heather’s Work

Of Songs and Saltwater (June 2021), "The Blades" (The Order of Us Anthology- April 2022), The Curse of the Bloodwood (June 2022), The Twilight Bride (Creatures of Magic and Myth Anthology- June 2022), The Third Veil (Coming Oct. 2022), The Mountain King Series (Coming July 2023), Echoes of Radfield Hall (Coming Sept. 2023)

Follow Heather’s Journey

Instagram: @hlcarter_author

Tiktok: @zaithyr

Twitter: @HLCarter_Author

Facebook: @hlcarterauthor


Pondering Creativity with Heather Carter

Each week, we ask the authors that April interviews a series of prompted questions about their creative journey. Their responses are not edited and intend to continue the conversation about what it means to live and write creatively.

What does the word "creativity" mean in your world?

Creativity is when I’m sitting down with a cooling cup of coffee, expelling words onto a screen, trying to translate the vivid movie that’s running through my head. Sometimes the movie skips or gets fuzzy, but I fight to piece it together.

There may be dishes in the sink, or laundry piled up, ready to be washed, folded, and put away, but there’s the burden to get my inner world translated in such a way that I can present it to someone else. At times, it takes precedence over sleeping and eating. When you have a mind that’s clouded with stories, you have to clear it somehow.

The strangest thoughts can set it off, too. Seeing a tall tree and imagining I could fly to the top of it and stand on the highest branch or breathe underwater. What monsters could live in the bowels of the Earth? Instant inspiration.

Define your version of "success" in writing and pursuing creativity.

Success to me is when I feel fulfilled. It is also when I touch others with my work. Not necessarily making big bucks, but affecting their lives or making them think. I primarily write fantasy, but there are lessons to be learned even through fiction. Perhaps you gain introspection when you see yourself in a character? Or you just get a break from reality for a while and feel refreshed?

Books can be powerful things, both for the writer and the reader. Success is wielding that power in a way that sings.

What is the biggest thing that keeps you from your creative goals?

My biggest barrier that keeps me from my creative goals is my own brain. I have ADHD and I’m autistic. While both allow me to have periods of hyperfocus, the ADHD makes it easy to get distracted. I also tend to be impulsive, which makes it hard to stick to any kind of preconceived plot. Sometimes that works out in my favor, and I’m able to “pants” my way through a book in a short amount of time, which is my preferred method. I’ve had this not work out for me a couple of times though, and I had to rewrite entire manuscripts from the ground up (whoops!).

About Pondering Prose

Pondering Prose is an author interview series hosted by April Stults cultivating conscious conversations about the challenges and triumphs around pursuing the creative writing craft. It’s not about the book, but the process by which we create—or don’t. You can watch the series on YouTube, listen on Spotify, or follow our Blog for exclusive interviews with various women authors.

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