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Pondering One’s Creative Ideals with Sarina Siebenaler

On the ninth episode of Pondering Prose: An Author Interview Series, host April Stults talks with author Sarina Siebenaler about how we find our creative path and what we do to hold onto it once we’ve uncovered where we want to be.

As Sarina mentions in her interview: “Making people feel good, that’s a creative spirit… Everybody will find their way in time.”

Watch the full episode on YouTube or listen on Spotify now.

About Sarina Siebenaler

Sarina Siebenaler lives in sunny Arizona with her husband, three children, and her rescued Goldendoodle. Her love of poetry, art, and obsession with children's books has inspired her writing journey. She hopes to continue writing children's books to encourage literacy, spark a child's imagination, and help with social and emotional skills. She believes that laughter in picture books encourages and helps motivate reading, as it has with her own three children. She spends her free time running, hiking, and taking new adventures with her family.

Instagram: @sarina_siebenaler

TiKtok: @sarinasiebenaler

Twitter: @SarinaSieb

Facebook: @sillybooksforkids

LinkedIn: Sarina Siebenaler


Pondering Creativity with Sarina Siebenaler

Each week, we ask the authors we interview a series of prompted questions about their creative journey. Their responses are not edited and intend to continue the conversation about what it means to live and write creatively.

What does the word "creativity" mean in your world?

An original idea that becomes a crafted result either by mental or physical production. An outlet created by someone that transpires this craft by means of resolution, entertainment, or fulfilling a feeling or void.

Define your version of "success" in writing and pursuing creativity.

My entire goal through my writing journey was to foster and encourage the love of reading. Especially, those that are emergent and struggling in early literacy development. I hope to reach readers and help motivate reading time through entertainment and humor. I also wanted to ensure that comprehension of reading was a helpful aspect of reading my books. So, I created comprehension questions in the back of each book and I offer free "Read and Learn" worksheets on my website to assist parents and educators with extra supplemental learning and comprehension. It has been my biggest joy to receive feedback from parents, librarians, and educators that my books have made a difference in a child's life. I hope to continue to make children laugh and motivate them with silly stories.

What is the biggest thing that keeps you from your creative goals?

I'm a mom of 3 busy children. It's a full-time job. There isn't much quiet time in my home until the family is sound asleep! I'm also a mover and a shaker that tends to overfill my schedule at times too. When I can get to a quiet space to think of what imagination and entertainment a child would think is funny and read those ideas to beta testers it motivates my creativity and I usually get through my story ideas fairly quickly.

How do you hope to contribute to the literary community through your craft?

My hope is that emergent and struggling readers are motivated by reading and laughing with the stories I develop. I hope that they gain literacy skills to help them with future reading goals. I will always think of the kids in Special Education and those that have developmental delays. These books are dedicated to them. Sparking their imagination with a good laugh that I hope will bring joy to reading a book again and again.

What would you say to someone who wants to pursue creativity but lacks confidence?

Imposter Syndrome is developed within all of us at one time or another. I would say that the dream is yours and the first step you make is one step closer to reaching your dream. Immerse yourself in the creative craft that you are interested in accomplishing, and ensure your audience will accept it as a quality product/service. Also, building a community and network of like-minded creatives is a beautiful way to learn more and feel motivated. You can do it!

About Pondering Prose

Pondering Prose is an author interview series cultivating conscious conversations about the challenges and triumphs around pursuing the creative writing craft. It’s not about the book, but the process by which we create—or don’t.

You can watch the series on YouTube, listen on Spotify, or follow our Blog for exclusive interviews with various women authors.


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