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Pondering the Writer’s Progress with Mary Schmidt

On the sixth episode of Pondering Prose: An Author Interview Series, host April Stults talks with author, Mary Schmidt, about what it means to make your own version of progress as a writer and how to use the craft to help you work through life’s experiences.

As Mary mentions in her interview: “Don’t worry about the writing, don’t worry about your word count, just write down what’s come in creatively and just get it down on paper…”

Watch the full episode on YouTube or listen on Spotify now.

About Mary Schmidt

Mary L. Schmidt writes under her given name and a pen name, S. Jackson, along with her husband Michael, pen name A Raymond. She grew up in a small Kansas town and has lived in more than one state since then. At this time, Mary and her husband and split their time between Kansas and Colorado, loving the mountains and off-road 4-wheeling. Traveling is one of their favorite things to do and Mary always has a book to read on her Kindle.

Books are one of her things. It seemed like every time she turned around, a new library card was needed due to the current one being stamped complete. Diving into a good book made any day perfect and you would be surprised at the number of books she read over and over. Mary paints, using watercolor as one medium when painting scenes, especially flowers. She continued with art in high school exploring a wide variety of arts such as jewelry making, ceramics, leather works, drawing, painting, and more! In college, she went into the sciences and received a bachelor's degree in the Science of Nursing. Mary's nursing career was highly successful, and she hung up her nursing hat in December 2012.

Mary has published over 30 books from children's picture books to multiple memoirs and poetry. She has been included in four anthologies.

Books: When Angels Fly, Her Heart, Her Alibi

Children's Picture Books: Davy, Cheese Fest, Suzy Secret, Tommy Turtle

Facebook: S. Jackson and A. Raymond, Authors


Twitter: @MaryLSchmidt

Instagram: @MSchmidtPhotography

YouTube: @MaryRNBSN

Pinterest: @MaryLSchmidt

Pondering Creativity with Mary Schmidt

Each week, we ask the authors we interview a series of prompted questions about their creative journey. Their responses are not edited and intend to continue the conversation about what it means to live and write creatively.

What does the word "creativity" mean in your world?

Inspiration and imagination are key when writing a book or doing visual arts. When I have a key character in mind, my creative juices flow. This is essential as I write and illustrate books for children.

Define your version of "success" in writing and pursuing creativity.

Success is the ability to reach other humans in a humanity way that touches them, helps to shape children, and influences all in a positive manner. I have many best-selling books and have helped a great number of people. To me, that is success.

What is the biggest thing that keeps you from your creative goals?

It can be hard to stick to one area of choice for a length of time due to outside forces or chronic illness. That can hinder me. I find that knowing my beginning and what my ending will be enables me to be productive.

About Pondering Prose

Pondering Prose is an author interview series cultivating conscious conversations about the challenges and triumphs around pursuing the creative writing craft. It’s not about the book, but the process by which we create—or don’t.

You can watch the series on YouTube, listen on Spotify, or follow our Blog for exclusive interviews with various women authors.

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