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Updated: Jul 2

How Girls for Gender Equity is Paving a New Way for the Next Generation

Our Galaxy Publishing has recently launched its initiative to create change in our society for women with a campaign called Astros for Advocacy, which you can read more about here. To begin our project, we felt it essential to expand our resources and information to highlight and assist girls and young women of color who are currently at the highest risk of injustice in our society.

In doing that, we have decided to learn a bit more about some of our own local non-profit organizations who are actively pursuing a journey to establish change and stability for girls and young women of color. Upon our search, we found an organization called Girls for Gender Equity. Their goal is to create resources for education and social, psychological, and economic development for girls and women of color. They are based out of New York City, though they are doing hard work to have their programs reach nationally.

What do they do? “Pass the mic to girls and young women of color,” as it says on their website. And there are many ways they are carrying out that initiative. Through alliance building, hands-on research, and active support, GGE is assisting girls and young women of color in improving their self-discovery. They are calling out interpersonal, police, and institutionalized violence in a way that helps girls become their own advocates through education and proper resources.

Over the past fifteen years, Girls for Gender Equity has been able to reach over 9,000 girls and women of color with their programs because they want our youth to make wise choices for their future. Their belief that there can be a better world for girls and women of color is what lead them to launching programs like Movement Building which aims to create safer educational and community environments that will help to advocate to decriminalize schools as well as understand gender and sexuality through various research strategies.

GGE’s Young Women’s Advisory Council was created to keep young women engaging with each other and others to enact change, especially as it applies to cis and young trans women as well as gender nonconforming individuals.

Our personal favorite program that they have enacted is called Sisters in Strength, which is a two-year program for girls and young women of color that works towards community organizing, gender-based violence, and the many layers of discrimination that girls and women face.

Girls for Gender Equity also has a holistic after-school program based in Brooklyn that advances young people’s leadership skills and determination as well as builds morale for advocating in social justice.

The work that GGE is doing is clear activism in its most priding form, and the need for this type of involvement and engagement in our society is vital.

According to, only 5% of CEOs at Fortune 500 firms are women. What’s more, is that 63% of minimum wage workers are women. This means that women make up just 14% of the top 1% of earners. And according to American Progress, women generally make about 77 cents to the dollar of a white man, but painfully enough, women of color make just 70 to 61 cents.

Based on reports by the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 women in the U.S. have been raped. 1-3 of those women are between the ages of 11-17 with 1 in 8 of those will be girls experiencing sexual abuse in before the age of 10. What’s worse, is that information given by says that for every 15 black women who are raped, only one will report their assault.

If those statistics do not tell you that there is a need for social action, we do not know what will. Our Galaxy is dedicated to standing with any organization that is promoting the values and level of innate education that GGE is providing, and we instantly gravitated towards collaborating to assist in any way we can.

All month long, we will be highlighting the organization, its vision, as well as the resources that coincide with better understanding why their work is so important.

Imperatively, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of our most recent designs in our shop to Girls for Gender Equity in the month of July. You can check them out here. Supporting their cause means you are supporting girls and young women of color who will benefit most from us eliminating gender/race-based violence in our society. But, if you cannot donate, sharing and educating others about GGE is influential, and necessary, as well.

The time for action and education is now, and Our Galaxy has faith that we can band together to enact change directly and immediately.

There is no space for injustice in Our Galaxy.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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