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An Unapologetic Road to the Stars

There’s nothing I love more than a woman who isn’t afraid to take the leap into living a creative life with full force and no excuses. Except for maybe one whose creativity also makes me laugh till I’ve got tears. It takes a bold woman to put herself out there with full authenticity, and that’s exactly why I instantly adored all things, Danielle Cabral.

Danielle radiates hilarity in a relatable way, and you can feel her come alive on camera with the content she creates. But aside from her rapidly growing social media presence at @DanielleCabralDiy, she is, most importantly, a hardworking, badass entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two. Cabral is the Founder, CEO, and Director of Boujie Kidz, a one-stop-shop for cute, affordable kids’ clothing.

First of all, I damn near died when I saw how friggin’ adorable the clothing line is. As a mom, I tend to dress my two-year-old like she’s going to a red-carpet event after I’ve thrown my sweats on to go to the grocery store. So, clearly, I was in my glory when I saw the items Danielle’s got in her shop. The brand provides children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories ranging from newborn to tween sizes. They’ve even got a Mommy/Daddy-and-Me line that is too cute. You can check out more here.

Danielle was humbly honest in saying that she made the decision to become a business owner after being sick and tired of working for the man, so to speak. She had been in sales previously but knew she wasn’t aligned with the people she worked with. Instead of settling for what she had, she did her own thing.

She launched Boujie Kidz to success in just six months, acting as the marketer, buyer, content creator, and more. Danielle says that nothing feels better than getting a positive review or hearing that people are already familiar with her company before meeting them. It gives her the encouragement to know that though not everyone will resonate with her brand, she’s on the right track.

It warmed my hopeless-romantic heart when Danielle gave such strong credit to her husband for having never given up on her dreams. Though we know that Our Galaxy is all about empowering women, I think it’s important to note that the dynamic between Danielle and her husband Nathan is empowering in and of itself. As they’re both self-made entrepreneurs in their own fields, Danielle says that Nathan is her #1 fan, pushing her to keep going every step of the way. She admits there are days self-doubt creeps into her world, but with the right support system and self-belief, she’s proving anything is possible.

As I mentioned, I found Danielle by way of her Instagram. I was drawn to her relatable, humorous content videos. Plus, she’s a born Staten Island, New York woman living in New Jersey. Her sass and boisterous personality are instantly contagious. Even without her entrepreneurship, you can watch Danielle’s content and say, “Oh, that’s a star in the making right there.”

I’d be bold enough to say that content creation is her truest element. After falling down her social media rabbit hole, I learned that Danielle had actually already had some TV debuts. She was on MTV’s True Life series which I friggin’ love for her. But as newlyweds, Danielle and her husband were also picked up by DIY Network to do a home renovation series after the purchase of their home. It was an 8-episode series that Danielle worked on to pitch herself with a production team. You can watch the first episode here. It’s quality humor, I’ve got to say, but my gosh was I also so invested in the final result of that house!

Danielle says she loves to be creative. “I can’t keep up with my thoughts or content ideas- it never stops,” she told me. She creates, produces, and edits her own videos that she gets to have the lead role in. You can tell she gets joy out of knowing she is making people laugh, creating a lighter vibe for their day. Her videos cover real-life scenarios, and what I love most about her is how totally open she is with her audience. What you see is what you get. She does not hide her flaws, and she does not try to keep up a façade. That’s why what she’s creating is so special.

I asked Danielle if she had any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Consider your failures as your greatest lessons. Your point B will be lightyears beyond anything you could have imagined from your point A. Set goals for yourself,” she said. It could not be more perfect advice. She continued on to say, “Your journey might lead you to an unexpected magical place. Let your life’s course take its chosen path. Trust the process.” Funny, driven, and intuitive? I’ve got to buy this woman a drink before she’s too famous for me!

And she will be famous. Mark my words. Actually, mark her words, because Danielle knows it too. She says in five years she sees bright lights and red carpets for Boujie Kidz as a household name with stores all over the country. She wants to be taking her content on the road, touring cities where she can make other women laugh. She said she sees her husband driving around in the Ferrari she bought him with two healthy children to enjoy their mommy’s success. I’m here for all of that!

I don’t think Danielle aspired to be as inspirational as she is. I think she just wanted to work her ass off and make people laugh. But in doing that, in following that journey without letting anything stop her, she has become an inspiration to any woman and mother who is unsure about honing their true, authentic selves. To those people, she’d say, “Snap the fuck out of it! You’re probably really friggin’ awesome, so let those crazy flags fly, girlfriend.”

Be sure to follow Danielle on her journey and watch her skyrocket to her wildest dreams. The woman is going places, and I have a strong feeling we are all going to want to be a part of it. I am grateful she allowed me to interview her. It is my hope that you won’t just take my word for it about the woman Danielle is, but that you’ll enter her world for yourself.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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