Who is Our Galaxy Publishing?

Updated: Mar 20

Our Galaxy Publishing is two years old today, and I think it’s time we get reacquainted with our community. So much is changing. So much looks different. But everything is beautiful.

It feels like one impulsive decision was made with Lindsay in my garden, and overnight I became the Editor-in-Chief of a press I co-founded, a publishing consult, an award-winning author, and a copywriter. (And let’s not forget about the toddler who pulls on my arm as I type this. #momlife)

I started this press because I wanted to bring women writers together through their verity, knowing it was the thing that freed me. It was always about starting the conversation.

And the more I used my voice, the louder they got too. Before I knew it, open discussions were stirring and stigmas about our words and worth were coming out of the woodwork in the most beautiful ways.

Our Galaxy has recently redesigned its business model, evolving the way it supports women authors and aspiring writers. We’ve shifted through many phases in the past two years as Lindsay and I have navigated our place in the creative universe. I’m starting to question if finding a place even matters. Or is it just about taking the ride wherever it may lead? I don’t know. I’m still working on that, but until I have the answers to the meaning of life, here’s a bit more about us:

Who is Our Galaxy Publishing?

Our Galaxy is a New York City-based press serving women writers with the tools to outline, write, market, and publish their creative work. Find more about our individual services here.

We also produce anthologies for a collective publishing experience that allows for women to be heard in the way they want to be heard; for their truth, trauma, healing, and strength on subjects that matter to them. Our mission is to advocate for storytelling in its rawest form, creating a platform where women can speak their minds and build a community without stigma, shame, or care for that which is taboo.

Our first anthology, Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers, is available now. Learn more about our efforts for this multi-author work here.

If you haven’t already joined our newsletter, click here, to stay up to date on everything we’re working on. Each transition we go through intends to do what’s best for the progressive, creative writer that we know is inside each one of us.

Want to hear a quick story? I’ll keep it brief…

Our Galaxy was founded two years ago with traditional publishing dynamic. The goal was to provide women an opportunity to traditionally publish with an intimate, independent press setting. We also offered publishing services (and still do) and were working on other ways to produce multi-author works (still are).

That was working really well until my mom was diagnosed terminally ill. World-shattering. Life-changing. Mind-altering. Earth-quaking. All of the feelings. Everything changed.

I thought I was going to have to resign the publication altogether and just continue to do my freelance work to put food on my family’s table while I gave care to my mother in her final days with my sister who I would then take the time to grieve with when my mother passed.

But, forgive me, there was no mother fucking way I was throwing in the towel after everything Our Galaxy had accomplished. So, I did what any strong, independent, business-owning woman would do. I went crying to my mother about it while I still could.

“Ma, how can I still make it all happen? How am I going to keep this all afloat?”

My dying mother, who is wise but not generally very articulate, looked at me and said, “Chris, you know whatever house you build will be a home to all. Do what’s best for the overall structure of your home.”

There was something about the word home that got me. That familial, welcoming, collective sense of union all under one roof. It all clicked for me at that moment that if I wanted to keep the structure of my home a haven to all, I had to focus on the collaborative work. The “all.”

So, after wretched, sleepless nights, I made the bold decision to let go of the traditional publishing sector and dynamic of the press, the part of the mission that focused on the single entity. While we’ll still provide individual services, we will only be publishing collective works going forward.

The end. Well, sort of. You know what I mean.

So, what’s to come for us?

More resources. More conversations. More collective publishing opportunities. More community-building. MORE WRITING.

But, for now, I’m coasting, flowing through this really strange and transformative time in my world, honoring the immense adjustments that have come my way, and showing up for craft in whatever way I can for us all to keep growing.

If you’re still reading, just know I’m hugging you so hard right now. Like a long, tight hug. I might even start crying and it could get weird. But thank you. Thank you for writing, reading, using your voice, supporting what we do, wanting to be part of it.

Thank you for seeing us. We see you too.

Until next time, writer friends.


Christine Weimer is a writer, publisher, and award-winning author from Queens, New York who sought an innovative way to amplify women’s voices and advocate for their stories. In 2019, she co-founded Our Galaxy Publishing as the Editor-in-Chief, and her first poetry collection, Tainted Lionheart, won the Gold Medal Poetry Award for Readers’ Favorite 2021. She is currently writing the final installment of her poetic series and working on her MA in English while honing all the guts and glory of motherhood. Visit her personal blog here: amindfulwriter.com