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Updated: May 7

Awesome Poetesses who Share Their Writing on Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram for almost as long as it’s been a platform, having used it to stream posts of my pictured memories and follow my favorite celebrities for most of the time I’ve used it. But last year, I somehow had the audacity to write a book I wanted to publish, and I thought sharing my work through social media would be one of the ways I’d let the world- or at least my friends and family- know it was happening. And that was the moment I realized I was living under a rock for far too long.

Instagram is loaded with creative minds. I mean, LOADED. There are countless amounts of people who utilize this platform to share their artwork through whatever their chosen form is, and to be honest, I never realized how prominent these communities were. It was super enlightening, and inspiring, and encouraging for a writer who really felt like her words didn’t belong amongst the friends and family that followed her.

Discovering other writers on Instagram showed me the most important thing I could have learned once I committed to living a creative life. It was that published work does not define viable art. The community I found gave me the belief I needed to know that the only thing that matters is that I was writing my truth. What’s good writing? What’s valid writing? It’s whatever you want it to be.

It completely took the pressures off of being a newly published author, making me see that as long as I was living and believing in my craft and my voice, that I was on the right track. There have been many women I have found along the way whose courage and transparency to share their work inspires me. And I don’t mean inspiration just in terms of written style- though some of these writers blow my mind on that accord- but in the common desire to live through their art and have that be enough.

I’ve made a list of women who write and share their work via Instagram that I absolutely love looking out for pieces from. Writers whose works have opened my mind to new perspectives, who are authentic in their voice, and who you just know write because of the passion it infuses in them- whether it be for therapeutic creative outlet or to spread their perspective messages. They are empowering to me, and I think you’d feel the same.

1. @toldpoetry

Madison is an empowerment poet in all its forms. Mostly sharing micro-poetry, she strings words together with such fluidity she does not need long-form to get her point across. It’s effective, and in many ways, some of her words are like affirmations for women to remind themselves of their strength. But she expresses her vulnerabilities too, which is all part of the journey of self-reflection. She is also a best-selling and award-winning published author of Dear Mirror and encourages the power of storytelling in other writers.

2. @writeoutyourdrops

Selin is a native Queens, New York mom like me, who is using her platform to share not only her poetry, but her recently published novel, The Catalyst, as well. I got to know Selin when Our Galaxy featured her as a Gal of the Week, and her feminine energy radiates resilience. She writes her poetry on the themes of her life’s journey and self-discovery as a woman and a mother. Her words are often thought-provoking and empowering to read as she shares her experiences through poetics to us with honesty.

3. @carliemariepoetry

Finding Carlie’s account has been a rather new and fun ride for me. The visuals that accompany her work are so rad and consistent to the pieces that she writes. Her titles are most creative too, and I’m drawn to the sometimes sarcastic, satire tone of her work. She’s genuine to her voice and has no qualms with sharing her darker days through her work- in all its openness. She also implements an awesome flow for the reader, and the rhythm of her words is captivating to follow along to. She is a multi-level creative.

4. @di_ary_vol2

Ary’s creative mind goes beyond the realm of great poetics and into a universe all of its own in the way she encapsulates her work through what I believe to be performance art. Her recent work is most often accompanied by conceptual visuals and music, some of which are rather haunting. But I love it because of the depths you can feel her reach into to create her pieces. I respect Ary for her honest cynicism at times too, even when that skepticism is slanted towards herself, because there is so much humanity within that type of honest nature.

5. @shees_spirit

What I love most about Shee is the beautiful balance she presents between heartache and gratitude through her poetry. You can seek out her page for poetic imagery as it relates to the strength of a woman in a way that takes the bad and embraces it all the same as the good, knowing there are lessons to be learned. Plus, she’s a nature lover (as am I), and her photography reflects as such. She’s also recently been doing these letterboard visuals for her work with scrabble pieces which I just love the creativity of.

6. @undermeyou

Emily is one of those writers whose work can make you forget to breathe while you’re reading. (If you don’t believe me, read her piece entitled Deleted Scenes. Or better yet, listen to its spoken.) I am fascinated by her ability to create the level of intensity that she does, mainly because I don’t think she really aims to build it in the cunning way it is portrayed. I think it’s just naturally a part of the style to which she writes, accompanied by intricate formatting of her verses for the reader. Her work has made me say fuck while holding my chest countless times, not just because of the sensitive, honest, raw material that packs a punch every time, and its ambiguity leaves so much room for wonder. She also just recently published a chapbook called Expulsion that I am anxious to dive into.

7. @michellehancock_authorpoet

The best way I could describe Michelle as I know from her writing is a southern belle who knows she is a true lady, but who also has no problem getting her hands dirty to dig your damn grave if you cross her. You will find pieces loaded with nature-themed imagery that is so rich in its devices, all of your senses will be activated. And with those, come poems that are filled with messages of empowerment, hope, and insight, along with hard-hitting pieces that speak on more unshielded circumstances of life; like self-doubt and heartache. Her energy is encouraging, and her work speaks on her wisdom beautifully. She will also be a published author to a collection called Behind the Pretty Doors very soon!

8. @unfilteredflame

I am most drawn to Jhordyn because of the way her work resonates with me. Many of her pieces feel as if she’s just left my own headspace before writing them. That, right there, is the sign of a lucid writer. I appreciate her wordplay, and the way she uses her progressions to drive intensity to her work. I’m not sure if this is a conscious choice by the writer, but it is definitely there. She is direct in setting a tone for the reader without having to be ornate, and her words appear to be a naturally responsive flow to wherever she is in her mind at that time. Her courses of thought are intertwined with deep metaphor that never appears crude, but subtly forthright. Her page’s visuals are also consistent to her theme as a writer, adding to the creative drive that goes into the production of her pieces.

9. @tipsyloveletters

Elizabeth’s writing reads like a stream of consciousness with herself, trying to work through the things she goes through and the things that she observes. She describes her page as a “glorified diary” in her bio, and though I’d agree that her poetry has the feelings of a personal diary behind the way she structures her work, I disagree with her saying that what she writes is not very poetic. Her work is expressive, and figurative, and symbolic and honest and that is all that true poetics are meant to be. She’s another one of those writers whose pieces often resonate with me in a way that eases my mind in knowing it is not a lone journey.

10. @wander.lust_poetry

Ava friggin’ amazes me. I have never personally seen a young woman of just 15-years-old who has the level of intellect and self-awareness that she possesses, and it’s absolutely magnetic. Her pieces swoon me, then also hit me right where it hurts. She has beautiful arrangements, and her perceptions of her own life’s path are awe inspiring to me. There is feminine strength even in her more exposing pieces, because the haunting use of her devices still makes you see she is learning and growing despite circumstances. She’s versatile, and at her age, it is obvious that her talent is as natural as it gets. Plus, her page’s aesthetics are so well-thought and placed.

11. @_rhymeofsilence_

I do not say this lightly, but the woman behind @_rhymeofsilene_ has inspired and influenced me more than any other writer- male or female- who I have ever personally encountered, not just on this platform, but in a general sense of connecting with others who have the desire to create. I could go out on a tangent on the depth of the devices she uses to string words together in a way that runs through to the core of you. I could say that I am fascinated by the level of her skillset, as she has this innate ability to set scenes, to use her poetics to unravel a boundless sense of storytelling, to open your eyes to conceptual thinking through the context of her work with flawless symbolism and metaphor. But in my purest honesty, it is her obvious natural eagerness to reach for more- in the cognitive sense- that draws me to her. She is a philosopher at heart, and it shows through her work. Plus, there is nothing that deserves more respect than a woman who uses her truth to create a sense of awareness; to create a shameless transparency even when she’s speaking on her own personal shame; to lay crosses bare for readers to gain their own consciousness too; to try, for the sake of humanity, to bring as much humanity to her words as possible.

12. @thetasteofmypen

To me, the power of a metaphor is infinite. It is a poetic device that asks the writer to find another association to what is being felt or an action being done; a way to describe it as it applies to another entity. The way Lois emulates the ability to do this is almost mystifying. The way she plays with her words and creates life for mere objects through the way she designs them as symbolism. She is evocative, and atmospheric, and wildly poignant in spite of her sometimes heavyhitting concepts. But they're honest, and they display not only an essential talent, but an ability to turn even the darkest of ideas into the most beautiful form of imagery. Lois is also the author of a self-published poetry collection entitled, Apothecary Bloom, which you can read my official review on here. She is releasing her second collection, Exhale the Flora, debuts end of May!

Hats off to every writer and creator who encourages the power of sharing their artistic outlet through their own courage to do so. I am so grateful for the chance to gain perspective through diverse minds, to have an eclectic community to seek new perspectives from, to watch other creators grow through their outlets of expression. It’s powerful, and it helps me to see how important finding a place of likeminded people can be.

Seeing these women go for it in the way that they do, has allowed me to create a clearer path for the goals of Our Galaxy’s platform. It urges me to know that the message I have desired is valid. If I had to choose one lasting accomplishment for Our Galaxy it would be that women find a place to speak their minds and live freely through that voice to empower others. That’s what these creators are doing, and it’s honestly a movement in and of itself. I just want to continue to be a vessel to highlight that movement, to spotlight the fact that we exist, our stories matter, and that there is a creative niche and home for everyone.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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