You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Updated: May 14

How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness

Title: You are a Badass

Author: Jen sincero

Genre: Self-help

Pages: 256

Published: 2013

Rating: 4.5/5

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero is one of those books that wraps you like a hug while you read it but also packs a pretty hard punch in moments you need it to. Sincero is like the cool aunt at family parties who knows just what to say to get everyone laughing but also knows how to call you out on your bullshit and has no problem doing it. She’s tough, and she’s insightful, and she’s damn right hilarious.

I’ve read You are a Badass four times now, having created a sense of security and clarity through the guide Sincero puts in front of us. It is a book I have routinely gone to read at the end of every year after receiving it as a Christmas gift back in 2016. It’s like a yearly pep-talk, reminding me what I am capable of and how not to stand in my own way. But I knew I wanted to let my fellow space cadets know about how special this book is to me. So, I reread it once more, for all y’all.

Now, before reading Sincero’s book, I was never big on the whole self-help concept. The whole idea of it sounded a bit cliché to me, and I struggled with the impression that there were people out there who were going to try to tell me how to work through my own personal journey through such general text. But I gave it a shot at a time in my life when I kind of figured I had nothing left to lose.

What I learned, was that it was really my fear of what I’d discover about myself that stopped me from reading this genre of books. Turning my nose up at it was a pure defense mechanism. Thanks for the revelation, Jen!

And I’m glad she was my introduction into the world of literary self-discovery in this sense. Sincero never comes on too strong and avoids the whole preachy thing I had been afraid of. Through funny anecdotes of her own life, Sincero gets vulnerable with us as she takes us through her own personal journey with becoming a bad ass, incorporating her tips for what can work for you too. You never feel like she knows better than you. You feel like she’s someone who’s been where you are and just wants to shake you to the same wake-up call she got.

It definitely worked for me. I have told many people that You are a Badass changed my life. Reading Sincero’s guide created the shift I had no idea I needed or planned to have discovered when I picked that book up. But despite the usual leaps and bounds that life expects us to hurdle through, it has been a positive modification in the way I think about life now.

The most impactful lesson I’ve learned from Jen that I carry with me often is the idea that changing our mind is what changes our actions, and not the other way around. For so long I felt that if I did things differently, my mind would change. But really, it’s about changing the way you think about things that helps you take action that will actually bring consistent growth. Good food for thought, am I right?

I doubted I could, so obviously I didn’t. But giving something a shot and having no belief I could do it wasn’t going to bring me success. It was believing I could first, then going at it without shame or fear that really will determine where life takes me. I use this ideology when I begin to get down on myself when life’s curveballs hit me. I remind myself that despite hardship, I have to just remember what I am capable of, and through that, I will never stop pushing on.

Not to mention, Jen is the only reason I ever even began to understand how my thoughts were wired to begin with. It’s crazy to think that 200+ pages of text could have created such a domino affect for me, but it did. She talks a lot about the fact that we are pre-conditioned to think we can’t do things. In so many societal ways, we are on constant guard of worrying about people seeing us fall on our faces. It becomes a part of us, and our thinking pattern becomes connected to this notion that we have to fear falling more so than embracing it as part of the process. I mean, Tom Petty didn’t write Free Fallin’ for nothin’!

She made me see that my ego really was my own worst enemy. In her words I began to realize that I am the only one who gets in the way of making shit happen for myself through this cowardly comfort of staying exactly where I am and not taking a chance at moving somewhere different. Because of her insight, I’ve moved somewhere different. And I’m still moving, every day.

And don’t get me started on the whole manifestation thing! My gosh, that is a thread in and of itself. But holy goodness gracious, great balls of fire- WHAT A CONCEPT! I don’t want to sound a bit coocoo here, but if you give yourself a shot at believing that you can truly manifest greatness in your life- woo child! Give it a try. Jen has me all types of convinced that what I put out into the universe I will definitely get back, and I could tell stories that will give you chills of my own personal experiences with it thus far. But, I won’t get too deep into it, because it’s rather a complex topic.

Now, I don’t want to put Sincero on this pedestal like she is some almighty God whose book will automatically make you have loads of success and automatically help you live a fulfilling life. You have to want all that for yourself. But, if you’re willing to take what she has to say as serious as you can in between her dry humor, you’ll be surprised with what you come out with in the end.

It’s just about a lighthearted perspective into understanding how to master your own greatness and understand yourself a little better. No pressure here, but I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a shove.

If you’re depressed or experience anxiety, I would never say this book will fix your problems. Was I in a state of depression the first time I read this book? Absofrigginlutely. Did this book cure all of my anxieties? Absolutely not! But it did help me dig deep into myself, and it did help me see that things don’t have to be so damn complicated for myself all the time. There are ways to work through things, and Jen wants to help you do it.

I find myself needing Jen’s book a little less each time I read it, simply because the more I do, the more I have been able to master her concepts as a second nature. But it is always a pleasure to go back to her, like an old friend, it’s as if we never parted ways every time I open that book again. Let me know what you think if you’ve read it.

If you haven’t, you can purchase You are a Badass here.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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