You are Not a Doormat

Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence

I have found that the true power in healing yourself comes when you are able to help others do the same. In my own experience, purest growth came to me when I opened myself up to the world and became transparent about the things I was struggling with. Through that, I was able to build relationships in the connection of a mutual desire to rebuild and restore. It is important that we use our voice to inflict positive change for others, and spotlighting women who do just that, is one of the things I’m most grateful for.

Gavriela Powers is a writer and Faith-Based Counselor in Arizona who offers free counseling to victims of domestic violence and abuse. I discovered her Instagram page @not.a.doormat through a friend who had found her content to be helpful to their own personal healing. Gavriela says, “The inspiration for my art and writing are almost 100% things I have either recently dealt with in my own personal life, or things I see on the internet that I think I can expand on for those seeking a deeper spiritual message to the rhyme and reasons of abuse.” Gavriela is the only cartoon domestic violence awareness account on Instagram, and her powerful, colorful visuals are just as captivating as her purposeful message.

As a Faith-Based Counselor, Gavriela helps survivors and abuse victims reconnect with their spirituality and heal every aspect of their identity. Though her process works through different dynamics of healing, it is based around the Judeo-Christian faith in that she finds Biblical advice to be beneficial to her clients. However, Gavriela says that she does not identify as Christian, so her perspective is quite unorthodox- though spiritual, nonetheless.

Gavriela wants people to know that everyone is capable of healing. After being born and raised in a domestic violence environment for 24 years, Gavriela was diagnosed with CPTSD which she believes led her to understanding the lack of resources and counseling for survivors. “My biggest message is all about reconciling the spirit, mind, and soul of a person to the Spirit of Love, healing identities from ‘broken’ to ‘beloved,’ and being an inspiration for anyone in abuse currently to hang in there and never give up.”

That message is not just sent through counseling and visual content, but also through her writing. Gavriela is the author of the self-published non-fiction book called The Devil is a Narcissist. The work includes her real-life accounts with her narcissistic father who abused her, her mother, and siblings. It also incorporates professional experience that speaks on how to heal from various aspects of narcissistic abuse. She also has a booklet called The 8 A’s to Healing, which she gives away as a free downloadable PDF on her website.

Gavriela says that the most rewarding part of what she does are the brave people who reach out to her to let her know the impact she’s made in their lives. “I help affect positive, lasting, and generational healing just by touching one person at a time,” she expressed to me. “When people are vulnerable with me and share things with me that they haven’t been able to share with anyone else, I feel like I am doing God’s work in a very tangible way.”

Helping to provide people with “spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical freedom from toxicity” is Gavriela’s goal with her counseling, and it shows in her passion to promote positive healing. With @not.a.doormat, she knew she wanted to create a safe space for survivors to connect in a judgment free environment, and does her best to maintain that integrity always.

In the near future, Gavriela hopes to reach a goal of 10K followers on Instagram. What’s more, is that she hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a best-selling author, traveling the world as a motivational speaker. The ultimate for her, would be to “open up a domestic violence rehab facility on a farm that can help give women in violent situations a safe place to transition, heal, and get away from their abusers.”

I have high hopes that Gavriela Powers will continue to make waves with her positive message and look forward to seeing where it takes her. Please follow her journey on Instagram at @not.a.door.mat here and check out her website here for more content.

-Christine Weimer, @beacolorfulyou

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