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Prepare to launch your author platform. 

These services and packages are tailored for those who want to take charge of their author experience by self-publishing their book. Our goal is to ensure your manuscript is polished, your author platform is elevated, and your marketing plan is optimized for success. Let us help you produce a book readers will love and understand the entrepreneurial side of the publishing industry. 

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Services For Your Book

Developmental Editing

Insightful guidance and comprehensive analysis evaluating your manuscript by refining its structure, characters, plot, and overall storytelling elements to ensure a cohesive and engaging literary experience.

Metadata Optimization

A strategic audit of the book's metadata elements to maximize its reach, attract the right readers, and boost the discoverability of your book in online marketplaces like Amazon KDP and Ingramspark.

Looking for Line/Copy Editing?

Visit our colleague, Christina M. Rau's website. She is Our Galaxy's #1 recommendation. She's an English professor, literary journal editor, and acclaimed poet. 

Book Formatting & Design

A customizable design and format for print-ready interior books and covers tailored to your vision to transform your manuscript into a visually striking masterpiece.


A professional collaboration to bring your ideas and vision to fruition, captivating a narrative that reflects your unique voice and resonates with readers.

Book Description

A marketable, compelling blurb that entices readers, captures their imagination and leaves them eager to dive into your book.

Manuscript Critique

An expert analysis with valuable feedback to refine your storytelling, characters, and overall manuscript for a captivating reading experience.

Services For Your Brand

Author Bio

A professional summarization showcasing your unique voice, accomplishments, and literary journey to elevate your author brand and captivate readers.

Media Kit

A powerful PR tool to engage media professionals, promote your brand, and stand out in the media landscape with compelling visuals and comprehensive information.

Web Design

A visually appealing, functional digital platform that showcases your unique voice, works, and brand in an engaging and user-friendly manner to elevate your online presence.

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Choose to purchase our services a la carte or consider how a package deal might be a smarter investment. Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation and we'll have a quote for you within 30 minutes after the call.

Happy Authors

danielle leukam author and advocate our galaxy publishing four pounds of pressure book

"Working with Our Galaxy is always a highlight! Christine and Lindsay are prompt, transparent, thorough, and efficient. I love working with them both!"

tina bauer storyteller our galaxy publishing best book publishing services

"Being an older independent author, Our Galaxy has been very kind and patient with me as I navigate the technology of today’s world. Without Lindsay’s formatting, my books would still be on a floppy disk from the yesteryears. And, let’s be honest, without Christine’s editing, my stories would be repetitive and shallow."

mary brook assisted living our galaxy publishing best book services

"Christine was so helpful in every aspect of publishing. She gave me direction and resources along my journey. I’m still in the process of publishing my first book and look forward to her help in the future with marketing and other needs."

Get Your Questions Answered

by our Editor-in-Chief

Unsure of which publishing path to choose or have concerns about the process? Got a story idea but don't know how to turn it into a book? Need guidance on getting started as an author? Book an Ask-All, Tell-All Power Hour.


best book publishing services book marketing services our galaxy publishing

Are you a woman-identifying BIPOC writer?

We recognize the disparities in the publishing landscape, from the inequity of opportunities to the misrepresentation of marginalized communities in literature. As part of our initiative to support the amplification of diverse voices in literature and publishing, we are offering 10% off of our services to all women-identifying BIPOC writers and business owners. Your story, both your personal one and the one you've written, matters.

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