Good Girl, Bad Period

Silvia Young

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"It's Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me Margaret meets Gloria Steinem's A Revolution from Within."

Good Girl, Bad Period is a collection of stories breaking the silence on misogyny and gaslighting through the lens of Endometriosis. Along with curricular commentary and narration guided by Silvia Young, the anthology projects a snapshot in time with over 80 stories of vast lived experiences at the forefront to nurture conversation, community, critical thinking, and a generation embarking on patient-centered solutions. Providing a teaching experience from the inside, Good Girl, Bad Period promotes intersectional feminism, and a sense of cultural, historical, and personal identity by providing a curricular storytelling experience that’s inclusive. The counternarrative will also call attention to some of history’s most prominent writers, whose works attest to the themes this book intends to destigmatize, proving just how much history repeats itself under a patriarchal system. More than 80 contributors across four continents, 13 countries, and 22 states represent not only 200 million people with endometriosis, but also billions more trying to access healthcare globally.

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Good Girl, Bad Period