I Got to Know Nature

Christine Weimer

"yet some way, you’ve turned catastrophe into a bouquet, proving you are meant to survive for those who long to be alive within greenhouses you’ve contrived and these flowers will thrive on your earth. scents of sage engage the sanctity of your rebirth. now do you see all you are worth?"

I Got to Know Nature is the second collection in a three-part poetic series written by Christine Weimer. The compilation is portrayed through free-flowing, rhythmic poetic devices that encapsulate the importance of reflecting on the person we were, and the places we’ve been, so we may find things to bring with us into the new realm of life we desire for ourselves.

“I got to know nature when I embodied its components because I realized that the only way out was in,” Weimer writes within the pages of this collection. The Tainted Lionheart author is back again on the next phase of her journey that has resonated with readers for its transparency and truth of the heart. Through these works, Weimer breaks down the process of what it means to get to know our own nature in all its forms.

“There is matter intensifying on unknown roads yet to be discovered.” But first, we must get to know nature.

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I Got to Know Nature