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April Stults

Author Curator

April Stults is a self-published author of multiple books, a visual artist, and mother currently living in Florida with her family. After over a decade of publishing adult fiction, April began writing for young adults and children. Most popular is her children's book series, Milo the Doodle Cat, a coloring storybook that allows children to explore their creativity and interact with early literacy terms.

She is Our Galaxy's Author Curator, communicating with writers and authors to cultivate conscious conversations and connections about creativity. April is dedicated to openly discussing the challenges and triumphs around pursuing the writing craft. For her, it’s not about the book, but the process by which we create—or don’t.

Through Pondering Prose: A Writer Interview Series, she is discussing a variety of questions and themes related to the writing process and how creativity flows. Her work is currently featured in Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers.

Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers

a multi-genre anthology of over 50 women writers across the globe

"Our Galaxy Publishing presents a noteworthy, honest recount of lessons and lore from influential women writers breaking barriers and amplifying their voices collectively."

When a Venus woman rises, she is in power to express herself. She is honing her passion, desires, and truth, everchanging and evolving. A woman rising in Venus controls her narrative, telling stories to communicate her truth, breathing life into the values that unite her with other transcending women. The stories of these women speak to the beauty and pain, the guts and glory, the thriving and striving of all it means to be in this embodiment. Venus Rising is an anthological collection of inspiring women writers who shine a light on their inner verities and lay their wounds bare for us all. Enter their world, see through their eyes, and rise like Goddess Venus herself.

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April Stults
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