Casandra Chesser

Historical Fiction/Suspense

Casandra Chesser is a Pennsylvania wife and mother of six whose attachment to the written word has been quintessential since she was five years old. Despite others’ discouragement against her writing aspirations, Casandra focused on creating a life that would award her the opportunity to be present with her family while working, and it paid off.

Now, Casandra is expanding her creative endeavors from freelance writing to breaking into novel writing, combining her love of storytelling with her affinity for historical fiction and ancestral research. Her debut historical mystery novel, Rising Water, is inspired by a blend of her husband’s family roots in the Okefenokee Swamp straddling the Georgia-Florida Line, now called Chesser Island, with that of her own Boston-area family.

Aside from teaching herself piano and expressing herself through song, Casandra plans to continue writing and publishing more novels in her genre as she evolves as an author and hopes to start a website for Central PA moms in the future.

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Casandra Chesser