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Cheryl Kempner is a wife, mother of three, and retired attorney from Marlboro, New Jersey, who's been writing since childhood. For the past 15 years, Cheryl has been teaching Judaic and Hebrew studies to early learners and recently began an endeavor as an assistant Kindergarten teacher. She is trained as a Literacy Volunteer and teaches ESL to adults through Literacy of New Jersey. 

After her mother’s diagnosis of dementia, she needed a place to put her feelings while adjusting to the impact of the illness on her mother and their family. Remember Me: An Alzheimer’s Journey Through Art and Poetry combines her mother's artwork with Cheryl's poetry, taking readers through the journey of the declining effects of Alzheimer's and the emotional toll it takes on all those involved.

Cheryl's writing has also been featured in Alzheimer's Speaks. She is now taking her advocacy on the road as she begins her public speaking journey, feeling passionate about talking to caregivers about the importance of creativity for Alzheimer's patients.

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Remember Me: An Alzheimer's Journey through Art and Poetry

Poetry & Artwork

Remember Me is a must-read collection of poetry and artwork portraying the declining effects of Alzheimer's disease on patients and its impact on caregivers.

Debut author Cheryl Kempner takes readers on a real and honest journey through the patient's eyes and onto a caregiver's perspective. Her poetry starts a conversation about the plight of a person with dementia and the family caring for them. Cheryl's words are hard-hitting at some points, retelling dwindling moments through the eyes of her mother to show how gripping the condition is for those diagnosed. Accompanied by the visual decline of her mother's artwork, the book offers a creative depiction of how this disease overcomes one's mind.

Cheryl wants caregivers to feel less alone, validating their feelings along this challenging path. She authentically remains transparent with readers as she openly expresses the truth behind the inner conflicts faced while watching the decline of a loved one's cognition in this way.

Remember Me is an artistic tool of awareness, reminding us that while those with Alzheimer's may not remember us, it is essential we remember for them.

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