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Christine Weimer

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Mentor

Christine Weimer is an award-winning author, publisher, creative content writer, and spoken-word artist from Queens, New York. She is honing all the guts and glory of motherhood while promoting and supporting women writers as the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Our Galaxy Publishing.

Christine is the author of three poetry collections; Tainted Lionheart, which won the Gold Medal Poetry Award for Readers’ Favorite 2021, I Got to Know Nature, and Claiming the Throne. She is a contributing writer for Her View from Home whose most recent work is published in The Order of Us and Venus Rising anthologies along with Sunflower Station Press literary magazine. Christine is also the Publishing Advisor for Gearing Towards Engineering Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the importance of STEM education to today's youth.

Think of her as your Fairy Bookmother, guiding you through all stages of writing and publishing a book. Christine knows with the right tools and guidance, you can make informed decisions about how to elevate your author platform and exceed your publishing goals.

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Tainted Lionheart: Book I


Gold Medal Poetry Award for Readers’ Favorite 2021

“…though I am known to cause fires, I refuse to waste my blaze on you. I forgive you because I will not burn to ash for you….” Tainted Lionheart is a collection that speaks on the perspective of understanding pain as a natural part of the process of healing. Through hard-hitting poetics and raw, honest verses, Christine Weimer openly discusses questions of worthiness and coping with betrayal in a way that dismantles every idea and trope of what it means to experience heartache. Broken into three sections, this book takes you on a journey through the bruising and brooding of pain–and the progression to which you breathe through it. It speaks to a vast audience in the representation of the mess-to-mending of the heart.

I Got to Know Nature: Book II


"yet some way, you’ve turned catastrophe into a bouquet, proving you are meant to survive for those who long to be alive within greenhouses you’ve contrived, and these flowers will thrive on your earth. scents of sage engage the sanctity of your rebirth. now do you see all you are worth?"

I Got to Know Nature is the second collection in a three-part poetic series written by Christine Weimer. This compilation of free-verse, rhythmic poems encapsulates the ebb and flow of self-reflection and what comes to the surface when you try to get to know yourself after the dust settles.

This book encourages you to heed the calling to look deep inside and understand what’s underneath, dares you to sit with yourself as a listener and a recorder, and challenges you to embody your true nature; the nature of a human, a woman, a lover.

Claiming the Throne: Book III


“A woman is no shrinking violet. An unbashful garden of speakable things, heart-shaped leaves on sleeves; she is remembrance. An everlasting reel of the never-forgottens while the storm blows over…”

Claiming the Throne is the final installment of Christine Weimer’s three-part poetic series, closing out the journey with a collection of her most audacious work yet. Outspoken with wit and irony, this selection of poetry and prose showcases the deconstruction of a woman’s feminine perspective as she pens her awakenings and talks back against the limits of conformity.

The narratives provoke you to own your point of view and express yourself with unapologetic assertion, liberate yourself from the confines of that which does not serve you, and embrace your intuitive integrity.

Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers

a multi-genre anthology of over 50 women writers across the globe

Christine's Featured Pieces: Introduction & "Not the Bitter Baby Mama"

"Our Galaxy Publishing presents a noteworthy, honest recount of lessons and lore from influential women writers breaking barriers and amplifying their voices collectively."

When a Venus woman rises, she is in power to express herself. She is honing her passion, desires, and truth, everchanging and evolving. A woman rising in Venus controls her narrative, telling stories to communicate her truth, breathing life into the values that unite her with other transcending women. The stories of these women speak to the beauty and pain, the guts and glory, the thriving and striving of all it means to be in this embodiment. Venus Rising is an anthological collection of inspiring women writers who shine a light on their inner verities and lay their wounds bare for us all. Enter their world, see through their eyes, and rise like Goddess Venus herself.

Christine Weimer
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