Makayla Ruebush

Narrative Prose

Makayla Ruebush was born and raised in the New Mexico desert and holds two bachelor's degrees in Communication and a Master of Arts in Communication. She is the official nerd of her family.

Makayla began writing when she figured out that markers make cool drawings on the walls of her home at age 2 and even though her parents didn't appreciate her early efforts, it hasn't deterred her passion for her craft. While she is a gifted copywriter and has written for newspapers, magazines, literary magazines, and her blog, her favorite publication will always be the school newspaper she started on a whim in the 5th grade.

Her writing covers many powerful and relevant topics regarding the experiences we all share, but her unique combination of authenticity and sass makes her work relatable and empowering.

She currently lives in Southern NM with her three children and owns a marketing agency, Indigo Crow Marketing.

Her first book, Swallowing Stones, is set to be released in late 2022.

Check back for more information coming soon.

Makayla Ruebush