Nikki Frias

Comedy Writing Mentor, Author

Nikki Frias has contributed to Forbes, The Daily Beast, and Boardroom. She is an author, writing coach, and teacher specializing in comedy writing. After noticing the struggles with finishing her own book, she started “Book on a Budget” coaching to help writers achieve their goals with an affordable a la carte style to help at any stage.

Nikki currently teaches sketch and comedy writing at The Writer’s Center. Her debut book Does this Divorce Make Me Look Fat? is available now.

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Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat?


To the woman trying to rebuild herself but doesn’t know where the f*ck to start, Nikki Frias’s tell-it-like-it-is self-help guide is your new best friend.

Does this divorce make me look fat? Yes, b*tch! Fat with ideas, inspiration, and the power to do what you’ve always talked about.

We’ve all been through some sh*t, and in 2016, Nikki never expected her world to turn upside down from divorce. Yes, the scarlet letter “D” some are too familiar with. After the countless sympathies and questions of the future, she decided to do something about it; live the life she saw for herself. The evolution of sh*tty new boyfriends to ex-boyfriends and roadblocks felt never-ending as she learned to do everything independently. But then she figured out how to conquer the biggest elephant in the room: herself.

What felt like a forced restart pushed Nikki toward the transformation she needed to just get over it already, seriously. This hilariously transparent, witty self-help guide, "Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat?" is sure to help you do three things: laugh, learn, and move the f*ck on.

Please note: This book can be used for any crisis, not just divorce.

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