Patty Ihm

Memoir & Middle-Grade Fiction

Born in St. Louis and raised throughout Illinois, Patricia Ihm is a retired early intervention therapist and special education teacher who has opened her home to 18 children as a foster parent; some for a day and some to stay forever. She is also a mother to three biological and two adoptive children. Her family is proud owners of what they have dubbed a farmette; a small farm with 36 chickens, a mix of hens and roosters, and a garden she enjoys tending to.

Patty is a baseball-loving, coffee-drinking, advocate for the written word, whose life experiences provide a therapeutic and soul-cleansing platform for her to express herself. As a mother to many, you can read Patty’s introspective blog where she openly discusses the challenges and differences of the children that have come to her family through the child welfare system.

Her memoir, Isn't That Enough? is set to be released in the Winter of 2022.

Goldie Bird, her middle-grade novel, is set to be released in the Spring of 2023.

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Patty Ihm