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Robyn Spodek-Schindler

Author, Illustrator, Contributing Writer

Robyn Spodek-Schindler is an accomplished clinician, artist, mother, and owner of Paint the Stars Art Therapy who lives in New Jersey with background work in children’s hospitals and mental health facilities. She holds dual Masters degrees in both Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Art Therapy and an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts. Robyn is also a professor in her field with experience as a full-time faculty member and adjunct faculty at Long Island University.

Her primary focus is to assist children, teens, and young adults with various mental health, behavioral, and family-related issues within her practice. Her debut children's story, Three Brave Stars, strives to support children by working through the stress and trauma of losing a loved one and understanding grief. Robyn says:

"Mental health issues and emotional related stress is seen everywhere regardless of facility, background of families, cultures, race, religion, etc. I have assisted families in grieving for the entire span of my career. No two families react to a loss the exact same way, no two families mourn or believe or grieve the same."

Robyn's creative writing can also be seen in Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers.

Read Robyn's Book

Three Brave Stars

Children's Literature - Fantasy Fiction

"As with all epic battles of kingdoms past," Queen Edith answered, "special and brave loved ones perished. But that is how we got our beloved stars."

So begins a story that captivates young audiences with a compelling tale of bravery, sacrifice, and everlasting hope. Meet the royal family in the enchanting kingdom of Bellagio and take the journey with them as they learn that not all stories are about their happy endings. Some are about the way love lives on when the story ends.

Three Brave Stars speaks to children and families who have lost a loved one, reminding them they always remain connected to those they can no longer see. With charming characters and vivid world-building comes a fantasy adventure that validates the individual experience of grief with the comfort of the stars to commemorate the ones watching over them.

In her debut children's story, Three Brave Stars, Licensed Creative Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, and National Certified Counselor, Robyn Spodek-Schindler, wants to provide a hand to hold as children cope, knowing that the stars will always shine down on them.

Venus Rising: Musings & Lore from Women Writers

a multi-genre anthology of over 50 women writers across the globe

"Our Galaxy Publishing presents a noteworthy, honest recount of lessons and lore from influential women writers breaking barriers and amplifying their voices collectively."

When a Venus woman rises, she is in power to express herself. She is honing her passion, desires, and truth, everchanging and evolving. A woman rising in Venus controls her narrative, telling stories to communicate her truth, breathing life into the values that unite her with other transcending women. The stories of these women speak to the beauty and pain, the guts and glory, the thriving and striving of all it means to be in this embodiment. Venus Rising is an anthological collection of inspiring women writers who shine a light on their inner verities and lay their wounds bare for us all. Enter their world, see through their eyes, and rise like Goddess Venus herself.

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Robyn Spodek-Schindler
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