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Tomasina Scalera

Social Media Manager

Tomasina Scalera is a thrift-shopping, tattoo-loving teacher's assistant from Queens, New York who works with young children, hoping to encourage learning and creativity in their lives. After being an OG Our Galaxy supporter, since its 2020 launch, Tomasina decided to join the team to help grow Galaxy's community and provide quality content to its network.

Tomasina is a blooming social media manager contributing her innate, Gen-Z content creation skills to our audience and readers. Her goals are to bring authors the latest information and insight on all things writing and publishing, and to highlight impactful books to readers through our social platforms.

She is also a newbie photographer, exploring her passion for taking photos of her experiences in and around New York. You can most likely find her taking long drives for short trips with her Husky.

Tomasina Scalera
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