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In a galaxy of vast constellations, it takes but one star to grant a wish- if you believe in that sort of thing. Though as we grow, we begin to discover that the stars we need to wish on do not come from gazing into a night’s sky, but from the lit-up fragments that float within us.

Our Galaxy Publishing, an all women's publication, was established on August 3, 2019 in Queens, New York by co-founders Lindsay Tisi and Christine Weimer. After celebrating 20 years of friendship, the two have combined Tisi’s experience in Marketing and Online Operations and Weimer’s BA in Creative Writing and English to develop a platform for women to create their own expeditions. 

The two say that creating this space has been the most naturally forming project they have ever embarked on, believing it gave them the desire to dig deep and shine a light on the pieces of themselves they thought they’d always keep dulled out.

Though it is a fresh project, Christine and Lindsay are steadfast in creating their own space- their galaxy.

“We are hopeful women from all walks of life will find their place among the stars with us."

Lindsay Tisi, Co-Founder


Christine Weimer, Co-Founder