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Our Services

Successfully write and publish your book with a team of like-minded experts who care about you and the integrity of your work. 


Create an author identity that resonates with your authentic voice and safeguards your book’s launch. With innovative structures and a vast array of affordable services, our goal is to hit every mark authors need to get their books not only ready for publishing but equipped and primed for triumph. 


We’re taking the oath to provide you with valuable editing and author services that will accentuate you and your book’s greatness.

Developmental Editing

Reviews the structure of your story. Assess all story elements to adjust plot holes, character development, effective dialogue, the intensity of pacing/rising tension, and overall big picture aspects.

Examine your manuscript for elements of style along with technical adjustments such as proper syntax, inconsistencies, grammar and punctuation, and repetition.


Cautiously assesses your manuscript for proper page/paragraph structure, punctuation and typos, and contextual inconsistency.

Let’s collaborate on all three forms of editing for a discount when purchased together.

Line/Copy Editing

Editing Bundle

Manuscript Critique

Provides a thorough assessment of the  first five chapters of your manuscript, serving you with an in-depth overview of its strengths and weaknesses. 

*Please note: children's literature/poetry is $89 for the entire manuscript. 

Strategically review your letter and provide detailed suggestions for enhancing its content. 

Author Bio

Your first impression counts. Let's be sure you stand out amongst the plethora of other writers out there. 

Tactfully write a compelling book blurb that hooks in readers, is keyword-ready for optimizing your reach, and generates book sales.

Query Letter Review

Book Description

Book Formatting

Our experts will format your book's interior to your creative vision and design in any and all formats to create an optimal reading experience.

Cover Formatting

Strategically review your letter and provide detailed suggestions for enhancing its content. 

Book Upload w/ Metadata

There's a method to the process of book uploading that's pivotal to your book's reach. Let us handle it all for you. 

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What Our Clients Say

Library Bookshelves

Tina Bauer, Author

From beginning to end, there was nothing but support and excitement for my book. Not only did I feel like I had a team behind me, but my book had a team too.