Three Brave Stars Help Children Cope with Grief

Updated: Mar 12

Three Brave Stars help Children Cope with Grief

By: Christine Weimer

As a publisher, it’s important for me to represent books that I know will create an impact on our community of readers. It’s not about an entertaining tale marketed to the masses; it’s about using storytelling as a mode of comfort, healing, of learning more about our human experience. These stories give us far beyond a touch of enjoyment. They stay with us after we close the book and become a part of the way we live through the stories of our lives.

I met Robyn Spodek-Schindler after many years of knowing her from a distance as a dear friend to my closest cousin. She had been writing a children’s book about grief and reached out to me shortly after I launched Our Galaxy. The concept piqued my interest, but knowing Robyn’s fast-expanding involvement in the world of Art Therapy, I more so felt honored for the opportunity to sit in on the conversation about her perception of expressing grief to children.

Robyn’s story arc and creative vision for Three Brave Stars comprised a foundation with clear messaging, compelling fantasy narration, and engaging illustrations that fit into a demographic she had already honed in on targeting. She was a woman well prepared and directed in her desires more than I think she realized. But that was because Robyn wasn’t writing this story to become an author. Robyn was writing a tale that told her truth and was letting the rest guide her.

And that’s why I knew Our Galaxy needed to be a part of what Robyn was building. The passion behind her purpose kept her innately directed, and it was gravitational to Lindsay and me as we sat listening to the reason she wanted this book available to readers. While I’ll let Robyn tell you more about her road to Three Brave Stars in her blog here, I will say her emotional connection to this story is so intricately woven.

Watching this story grow to breathe life onto pages is a blessing to view first-hand.

Robyn was the first children’s author I’ve ever worked with and that collaborative effort was just as pivotal for me as it was for her. Over this past year, she has given Lindsay and me such gratification and inspiration through her eagerness to develop as a writer. Robyn’s transformation and personal growth make Our Galaxy most proud to represent all that Three Brave Stars will shine upon its readers.

Robyn’s story is essential for families seeking a creatively therapeutic way to provide a tool for their children to cope with grief and establish a mode of comfort for their loss. I am confident that children and adults will resonate with Robyn’s fantasy kingdom of Bellagio. Not because it will tell them how to feel, but because it will open their hearts to knowing they’re entitled to their range of emotion. But most of all, there is always hope in the stars.

We are thankful for Robyn’s contribution to the literary world, and couldn’t be more excited to bring you all on the journey to Three Brave Stars with us. 

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“As with all epic battles of kingdoms past,” Queen Edith answered, “special and brave loved ones perished. But that is how we got our beloved stars.”

So begins a story that captivates young audiences with a compelling tale of bravery, sacrifice, and everlasting hope. Meet the royal family in the enchanting kingdom of Bellagio and take the journey with them as they learn that not all stories are about their happy endings. Some are about the way love lives on when the story ends. 

Three Brave Stars speaks to children and families who have lost a loved one, reminding them they always remain connected to those they can no longer see. With charming characters and vivid world-building comes a fantasy adventure that validates the individual experience of grief with the comfort of the stars to commemorate the ones watching over them. 

In her upcoming children’s story, Three Brave Stars, Licensed Creative Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, and National Certified Counselor, Robyn Spodek-Schindler makes her author debut by providing a hand to hold as children cope, knowing that the stars will always shine down on them. 

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Robyn Spodek-Schindler is the owner of Paint the Stars Art Therapy, LLC, located in New Jersey. She has owned and ran this practice since 2011 as a Licensed Creative Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, and National Certified Counselor. Learn more about Robyn and how you can stay up to date with her upcoming book and her Art Therapy practice here.